In 2007, 50 Cent said some negative things about Koch Records labeling it a graveyard for rap careers and during a Hot 97 FM interview with Angie Martinez, 50 was a guest in the studio while Cam’ron called up to clear the air. What started out as a conversation about 50’s ability to shut down the label turned into an ego battle, shouting match, and a record sale competition live on air.

Cam’s irate screams of 50 Cent’s government name turned into a diss record. Cam released a video for

“Curtis” and 50 flipped it into a marketing tool naming his 3rd album after himself. Fif then popped up with Jim Jones on BET sensing some division in the Dipset camp and he continued to make freestyles about Cam’s health issues.

Recently Cam told Rapflix, “I don’t have no problem with 50…50 cool with me…[The beef] was good for Hip Hop. We had our little Hip Hop beef or whatever you want to call it, but aint no problem.”

Fifty shared similar sentiments.

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