“I’m about a dollar, what the f**k is 50 Cent?” No Hov wasn’t the first one to come at 50 but he did set off his career so to speak. Everyone heard “How To Rob” and artists such as Sticky Fingaz, Big Pun and Missy were offended and spoke up.

But no one expected Jay-Z to actually respond to the line that suggested that 50 would pop shots at his Bentley. It was almost paying homage considering some of the disrespectful bars that went at other celebs. Jay showed up at Hot 97 FM’s Summer Jam concert and said the aforementioned infamous line that got the crowd hype, then he put the same bar on his next album. It solidified 50 and showed the public that he had arrived.

Of course the two moguls settled their differences and recorded a commercial for Reebok together. That doesn’t mean that Curtis held his tongue about Jay’s “No one is scared of 50 Cent” comment after 50 criticized Jay for allowing Lil Mama to bogard his performance with Alicia Keys at the 2009 VMAs.

Fif also pointed out Hov’s habit of dodging beef when Jadakiss and Cam’ron had issues with him, he used Beanie Sigel and Tru Life as shields respectively.

Where do they stand today? They are probably stuck in a constant cold war and monetary battle that may or may not ever surface. Either way, Jay got the answer to his Summer Jam inquiry.

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