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Revolt And AT&T Host Revolt 3-Day Summit In Atlanta September 14

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Candace Owens, one of the top shoe-shuffling boot shiners for the conservatives, found herself having to defend her beloved MAGA malarkey over the weekend at the REVOLT Summit. In a politics panel that featured a variety of perspectives, T.I. and Owens got into a heated disagreement of what makes America so great as it relates to anyone who doesn’t embrace President Donald Trump or his policies.

The “Trap the Vote: Hip Hop & Politics” panel featured activist and co-president of the 2019 Women’s March Tamika Mallory, the aforementioned T.I. and Killer Mike, activist and former spokesperson for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign Katrina Pierson, the aforementioned Owens, and Dream Defenders’ Steven Pargett. Veteran journalist Jeff Johnson oversaw the conversation as the moderator for the explosive and intense debate.

A moment from the discussion that has since gone viral was the heated exchanged between T.I. and Owens, with Tip asking point-blank a question that has become something of a refrain.

“When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are you talking about?” T.I. stated. “The period when women couldn’t vote? The period when we were hanging from trees? The crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?”

The discussion sparked a chorus of boos from the crowd and the panelists began shouting over each other. Owens attempted to state her position that Black voters are pawns of the Democratic Party and that race isn’t a factor in the upcoming elections. To Owens credit, she didn’t back down in the face of dissent and she ended up having an unlikely ally onstage in Killer Mike, but only in the sense that Black America might be focused on the wrong things in this current political climate.

It is impossible to capture the nuances of the discussion in full but to get right to the meat of the matter, view the full “Trap the Vote: Hip Hop & Politics” discussion below. Hop to the 37:00-minute mark to see T.I. roast Owens and continue watching to hear Killer Mike’s surprising counter at the 43:00-minute mark.

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