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When it was announced that Twilight star Robert Pattinson would be replacing Ben Affleck as the Batman, DC and Warner Bros. immediately saw a backlash from fans who saw this move as a money grab intended to sway Twilight tweens to pack theaters to see Edward Cullen evolve from a teen vampire to a full grown Batman.

Though word around the script itself is rumored to center around the classic Batman mini-series The Long Halloween, nothing else has been said about the upcoming Matt Reeves directed film. Until now. According to Variety, fan favorite comedy actor Jonah Hill has been tapped to play the Dark Knight’s antagonist in the upcoming film and though his character continues to be a mystery it is believed that the Superbad actor will either be donning the umbrella and top hat of The Penguin or the cane and question mark etched outfit of The Riddler. While Variety also lists Mr. Freeze as another possible role for Hill, he seems more like a Penguin or Riddler kind of character. Just sayin.’

Regardless of which character he plays his inclusion in The Batman is definitely welcomed by Batman fans and will certainly give us more reason to put down our money at the box office when the Dark Knight swings into theaters sometime in June of 2021. But if Robert Pattinson’s Batman is indeed going to follow the storyline of The Long Halloween, then Jonah Hill won’t be the only villain involved in the film as the classic Jeph Loeb storyline included appearances from a few familiar villains from the Batman universe.

Here’s to hoping that DC and Warner Bros. doesn’t screw this one up too and turn Jonah Hill into yet another iteration of the Joker or even worse, Bane. Jonah Hill has been looking particularly pumped these days though so you never know.

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