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Atatiana Jefferson

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The story of Atatiana Jefferson continues to develop. The Fort Worth badge who carelessly killed murdered her has been released from custody.

According to The Hill the police officer has posted a $200,000 bond on Monday, October 14 after being arrested for the murder of the unarmed Texas woman. Aaron Dean was reportedly responding to a call that Jefferson’s door was left open. His body camera shows him inspecting the side of her home and then firing through the window after asking for the people in side to raise their hands. He promptly resigned from his position.

At a formal conference following the slaying Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus made it clear that Dean acted inappropriately and misused his power. “Nobody looked at this video and said that there’s any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately” he said. Kraus also confirmed that Dean would have been terminated from the force if he did not resign.

Jefferson’s murder is yet another African American’s death at the hand of a Texas police officer. On October 2 Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years for the murder of Botham Jean. The controversial ruling was viewed by many as leneint considering she killed her unarmed neighbor in his own home.

Photo: Facebook