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Wendy Williams has lived a life when it comes to her career in music and while she has no qualms about sharing intimate details about her time in the game, it seems like there’s still much left to be revealed as she readies for the release of her upcoming biopic, including romances many fans have forgotten about.

On her latest episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the OG shock jock spoke how the God MC, Rakim rang her up one evening and reminded the studio audience that she was once in a relationship with his day-one DJ, Eric B.

Unfortunately, Wendy made it sound like one of those relationships that leaves you scarred instead of content (or at least not in pain), saying “I knew Eric B intimately, yes. It will play out in my Lifetime movie. A couple of severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B. Life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie is a teachable moment. While it’s going to be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment.”

Much to the crowd’s surprise, Wendy mentioned that Eric B. was recently arrested on a 17-year-old warrant and somewhat taunted his situation by saying, “Ra, ya boy celebrated his 56th birthday in jail.”

For a woman to be delighted to hear that you’re locked up, she must feel you did wrong by her, and Wendy stated as much when she told the crowd “Eric, you did me dirty and it’ll all play out on Lifetime.”

Aw man. Eric B. bout to feel the wrath of the Me Too movement.

While she didn’t go into detail, in an old interview that Wendy did in 1999 when she actually described how Eric B. did her dirty and well, we get why she might not be forgiving or forgetting.

First of all, I never had a home number. It was always pagers and mind you, we dated for over a year. Of course he had other women. This was eight years ago. And eight years ago, I was still on top of my game in the radio career. So I really can’t figure out why I was this stupid. I was making pretty decent money. I was Queen of the Radio and I don’t know why I accepted it. It wasn’t like I was some scrub who had to take this from a man.

No wonder she’s not shedding any tears for Eric’s current situation.

Check out the old interview below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.