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Ja Rule Claims He Was "Bamboozled" On New Fyre Festival-Inspired Track

Source: Mindy Small / Getty

Ja Rule just won’t let the struggle that was the Fyre Festival die. On Friday (Dec.13), the rapper dropped a new song title “FYRE” speaking on the bootleg music festival that had folks stranded, living in tents and eating cheese sandwiches.

50 Cent’s favorite target released the new single via his Instagram account to his 905K followers. “FYRE,” which is a twist on the failed festivals name and is an acronym “For Your Real Entertainment.” On the track which wastes the instrumental from Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s classic track, “The Show,” the “Holla Holla” crafter revisits the disastrous festival and explains what went wrong from his perspective.

Rule claims on the track that like the Bahaman natives who worked ridiculous hours and in some cases were not paid and those who foolishly paid to attend was “bamboozled.” On the song he raps:

“The festival is on fire/ We don’t need no water, make that motherfucker hotter. How about a show of hands if you got your money back?/ I’m just playing, I got sued for that/ 100 mil to be exact/ I know you lack empathy for the one that’s me/ But I too was bamboozled.”

The song comes a month after he was officially cleared in a $100 million lawsuit regarding his involvement in putting together the doomed the festival. Jeffrey Atkins just doesn’t know how to move on apparently.

If you care to, you can listen to the song that will be featured on the forthcoming album he claims is coming “leap year” below.

Photo: Mindy Small / Getty