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Source: American rapper Azealia Banks performs at O2 Academy, Brixton Featuring: Azealia Banks Where: London, United Kingdom When: 19 Sep 2014 Credit: Carsten Windhorst/ Uploaded By Godspeed

Just when you think Azealia Banks would stay low and pops right back up like The Undertaker. She is now talking super greasy to yet another Hip-Hop legend.

As spotted Hot New Hip Hop the Harlem Native is feeling in a serious ways about Busta Rhymes. Earlier this week she took to her Instagram Live to prep her fans about how viscous her approach will be by summer. “When this quarantine is over, I’mma f*ck a lot of y’all n*ggas summers up. Everybody getting violated,” she revealed. “I got a long list of n*ggas who bout to get a surprise. Y’all never seen how evil this s*it gets. I’m not talking about music. I’m coming to SEE you n*ggas. Each and every last one of you.”

She went on to then call out the “Touch It” rapper specifically. “[Busta Rhymes], you first n*gga. Clear the record before I expose you. Don’t act stupid,” she threatened. “Call @elis and @chepope and get it done in the next five days.” An insult about his body soon followed. “Fat steroid neck son of a b*tch. That wasn’t fair. But you still ugly. Ha.”

The two previously collaborated an unofficial remix to Beyoncé’s “Partition” to which she claims she never got paid for. You can see the screenshots below.

Photo: Carsten Windhorst/