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Instagram Reels

Source: Instagram / Instragram Reels

With TikTok possibly on the verge of being banned by Donald Trump, if Microsoft can’t secure a deal by the so-called president’s deadline, Instagram sees a golden opportunity.

The Facebook-owned social media platform announced the arrival of Reels in North America, which the company describes as “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.”

The TikTok clone, if we’re keeping it a buck, will allow users to record and edit 15-second clips that can be comprised of shorter multiple videos and add music, other effects while utilizing new creative tools. Once you’re done crafting your Reel, you can either share it on your timeline and if your account is public to the new Reels tab will be live on Instagram’s Explore Page. Instagram is hoping to push creativity out of users by giving them a chance to become a creator on its platform by putting out their content on a global stage.

Here is how it works. Users can access the Reels option through the Instagram camera located on the top left of the app. Once Reels has been chosen, a selection of tools will appear to help you create your 15-second masterpiece. User’s can either select Audio to get that perfect song, AR Effects to make your reel pop, Timer, and Countdown for hands-free use, Align to help make sure your clips line up perfectly and Speed which well you speed up or slow down the video or selected audio.

Instagram Reels

Source: Instagram / Instragram Reels

You can also use videos already saved in your phone’s photo gallery to use in your Reel.

The feature which has been out in Brazil, France, and Germany is being slowly rolled out to North America and 50 other countries. Our resident techie had the opportunity to try out Reels ahead of today’s announcement.


Once you’re finishing fine-tuning your Reel, its time to share it, and you can either choose to let appear in the new tab dedicated to Reels, or you can share it your feed. If it happens to pop, there is a good chance the folks at Instagram will place a featured tab on your video, and it will be showcased in the new section that will showcase the best Reels giving you your shine.

Instagram Reels

Source: Instagram / Instragram Reels

This could be a great move by Instagram. Reels will appeal to the social media user who is tired of downloading and signing up for other services. Also, as mentioned before, Instagram can definitely steal some TikTok users who inching towards leaving the social media platform because they are wary of privacy issues.

Photo: Instagram / Instragram Reels

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