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The City Girls are weighing in on the “WAP” controversy by sharing their own experiences of being explicit in the music industry.

On Wednesday (Aug 12), the City Girls appeared on The Breakfast Club morning radio show to discuss their latest album, City On Lock, and the journey through the music industry where they spoke on some of the biases they’ve encountered.

While speaking on their experiences, JT shared that from their perspective most of their male counterparts aren’t comfortable when women are dominating the charts.

“I feel like men are just threatened about the women kind of dominating right now cause they are so used to being in control of putting the women on records. Now, when women are starting the team up and doing it without them, it’s like now, they got so much to say,” JT said. “Because, back then, you gotta get on a hot song with men to go number one or to even chart. But, now, women are just doing it themself.  They’re always gonna have something to say [because] it’s just going to be a whole different era.”

The duo also pointed out the double standard when it comes to how female rappers get criticized and dragged for boldly speaking out about their sexuality in their music while male rappers’ lyrics get a pass.

“I think it’s just like a threat. They want to say its trash, it’s not good, [or] it’s about sex, sex, sex,” JT continued. “I can’t say I’m gonna go around and shoot up nobody because I’m not going to. I’m just talking about how good my p*ssy is or how I feel about myself.”

Yung Miami added that men who are criticizing need to look at their own misogynistic lyrics, before taking to Twitter to call out fans who tried to “bully” her into changing her mind

“I say shut the fuck up, period. Like just shut up,” Yung Miami said during the interview. “They’ve been talking about this for years for decades, so why is this a problem now.”

In addition to talking double standards, the “P*ssy Talk” rappers drummed up controversy of their own by revealing their dating standards when it comes to men pursuing them, after noting that men with no money will get no love.

“I’m not dissing broke men, but I’ve never talked to a broke man in my life,” Yung Miami said. “To talk to me a man has to have a certain amount of money and there’s nothing wrong with that. Folks feel a type of way but I say that because broke men love to act rich but I’m like if you want to act rich why not be it.”

Check out the full interview below.