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Mach-Hommy Mach's Hard Lemonade Cover

Source: Mach-Hommy / Mach-Hommy, Inc.

Mach-Hommy would be defined by most as enigmatic, mysterious, cryptic, and other adjectives that hardly capture the astonishing range he possesses. The Haitian-American rapper and producers’s latest project Mach’s Hard Lemonade, released exclusively via TIDAL, is an impressive addition to Mach’s expansive gallery of audio art.

Seemingly unconcerned with accolades from critics and content with releasing music on terms that befit him, Mach-Hommy has forged a lane with supporters who willingly pay to own the product despite the famously high price tag. Betting on himself similarly as the late Nipsey Hussle did with the Crenshaw mixtape, the New Jersey artist upped the cost of his releases, feeding fans at a measured clip complete with a consistency that ensures that the money was well-spent.

With Mach’s Hard Lemonade, longtime listeners, familiar with the ebb and flow of Mach’s style, will be satisfied to know that the expected quality remains intact. At times employing Haitian Creole and a surprisingly capable singing voice, the performance across the project is perhaps one of Mach’s most accessible with all due respect to the past works.

The rollout for the project was unique in that TIDAL members and those who do not subscribe to the service were invited to a virtual listening session, a hallmark of pre-COVID times, and perhaps a callback to even earlier iterations of album release events.

While most music acts have long ago shifted from the Tuesday music drop to Friday, Mach-Hommy thumbed his nose at tradition once again and released the body of work on August 8, a Saturday. Across nine dense tracks, the careful curation of production, mood, and lyrics are all front and center as they’ve always been for the Dump Gawd.

From the opening track “SBTM (Sweeney Been Told Me)” to reconnecting with Earl Sweatshirt on “Soon Jah Due,” this after appearing on the California wordsmith’s Feet Of Clay EP, and featuring a familiar collaborator in Tha God Fahim on the sinister “Smoked Maldon,” and the back-and-forth excellence of “Pour House” with a standout verse from Your Old Droog, Mach’s Hard Lemonade will find its place on several year-end lists for all the right reasons.

It isn’t known if Mach-Hommy will continue to release his projects via TIDAL, nor has there been much information to add from his connection with the former face of the service, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. And yes, Mach isn’t lowering the access point to his collections, offering a deluxe vinyl version of Mach’s Hard Lemonade for $444.44, perhaps as a nod to Hov?

We might not ever know and truthfully, that is the best part of following the meandering pathways Mach-Hommy continues to forge with precision.

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Photo: Mach-Hommy, Inc.