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Walkmart Mask Freak

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Thanks to the Divider-In-Chief, Donald Trump, wearing a mask to protect yourself and others from the spread of the coronavirus has become a political statement and with every passing day more and more store employees find themselves in confrontations with anti-maskers who idiotically stand in solidarity with Cheeto Jesus.

The latest such incident came in Alaska where a man had a complete meltdown when he was denied entry into a Walmart for refusing to wear a mask as is required by businesses these days for the protection of customers and employees. In a video uploaded onto social media this past weekend, an agitated elder man went off on an Walmart employee for kicking him out the store and somehow made the mask requirement an assault on his faith screaming “Get back on your highway to Hell and get out of a Godly man’s face!!”


It only got wilder from there as the man continued to go off on the team of Walmart employees who calmly and respectfully continued to wish him a “good day” only for him to continue to berate them for following health guidelines. After questioning their policy and “authority” over him, the visibly angry man continued to yell at the employees who he felt were “in service to Satan” until he finally walked out of the store but not before making one last statement.

“I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My happiness is best served by standing in your face and saying you’re a fool and wrong and have no authority over me!”

Yeah, because wearing a mask is so damn disruptive to our life and liberties.

Check out the crazy video below and remember, do not be this kind of person. Wear a mask and protect yourselves and others.