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Facebook Unveils Cross-Platform Messaging For Messenger & Instagram

Source: Facebook / Instagram

If you have wished that Facebook would combine Messenger and Instagram DMs, then this news will sit well with you.

Announced Wednesday (Sept.30), Facebook officially launched its new cross-messaging platform to combine both its Messenger and Instagram’s DM feature. Despite being “launched” today, select users will be able to utilize the overhauled IG DM feature that now features tools that were once only available on Facebook Messenger.

Now when you hop in someone’s DMs on the gram, you can look forward to using tools like new chat colors, selfie stickers, custom emojis, vanishing messages, a new way to block unwanted messages. Plus, the new Watch Together feature will you and a friend to watch videos together while conducting a video call. Users will also now be able to search for profiles across both social media platforms.

Now, if you’re a bit skeptical about the update and don’t want to use it just yet, Facebook is giving you the option to decline it. The company hopes that all of the new features will be enough to convince users to agree to the update without hesitation.

As mentioned above, the update is not available to everyone yet, and there is no definitive date as to when it will be. According to CNN, the feature is being “tested in select markets and will expand globally in the coming months.”

The announcement of the cross-platform messaging officially launching is part of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to shift his company’s focus on private communication. Back in 2019, Zuckerberg explained, “private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest-growing areas of online communication.” Facebook officially integrating both Messengers unites both apps 1 billion users, and when the WhatsApp integration comes, it will definitely help Facebook get a stranglehold on the market.

That, of course, is what most people fearing. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has called for the company to be broken up, fearing that users no longer have viable options because Facebook has become a monopoly. Former vice president and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also voiced the same concerns.

So do you think this is a great idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo: Facebook / Instagram