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Fired NBC host Megyn Kelly is back in the headlines for once again making racially disparaging remarks.

Via an interview with right-wing show, America This Week with host Eric Bolling, the disgraced journalist complained during the chat about President-elect Joe Biden‘s call for unity after more than four years of division caused mostly in part by the Trump presidency.

“All of a sudden they want unity on the left when they’ve spent the last four years calling everyone who’s a Trump supporter misogynists or homophobic or xenophobic or bigoted or the list goes on and on,” Bolling opened the discussion by saying.

While unity is the message being made loud and clear by the Biden Administration, Trump’s message of “voter fraud” while causing hang-ups with the Presidential transition shows that the fight for togetherness is proving to be just as hard as the overall fight for equality — even in the midst of a pandemic while numbers are continuing to increase daily.

“I also want all the kittens and all the puppies to be adopted and world peace, but it’s not going to happen,” Kelly chimed in. “The country is very divided. Yes, in part, because of what President Trump has done over the last four years but also because of what the Democrats have said and done over the last four years.”

Although Trump’s history both in and out of the White House reek of failure and serves as the examples of racism, sexism, and homophobia that many have long since noted, Kelly states that it is “unfair” to label a supporter of Trump as such, even with the documented incidents of the aforementioned happening at various Trump rallies.

“Let’s get real. When you tell 71 million Americans they’re racists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, and sexists year after year, you’re going to make enemies lists of anybody who supported Trump, they’re not really feeling unified with you,” Kelly complained.

“Liberals think that if you’re white, you’re a white supremacist, so the only thing you can try to do is be less white. So that’s who you are dealing with. You cannot listen to these people call names anymore. I think the average Americans get very jarred when they hear these nasty terms, which are meant to silence you,” she added.

Kelly then went on to call for Trump supporters to “stand up” for their “ideals” before launching into another rant claiming that Trump opposers are “threatening jobs” over the political affiliations.

“The only real choice you have is to stand up not be silenced and not think you have to unify with the people who have been calling you the awful thing and trying to shut you up,” Kelly whined.

She continued with, “Maybe now is not the time for unity, maybe now is the time for liberty. You know, for fighting to maintain your right to think what you want, say what you want, to do what you want, to hold the ideals that are important to you. They are threatening people’s jobs! They’re going to stop corporate America from hiring you.”

As if the interview couldn’t get any worse, Bolling chimes in comparing the delusional claim to racism.

“Isn’t that kind of the same thing as racism?” Bolling asked. “If you group a whole group of people the same way, that may not be racist — or whatever ‘ist’. They are doing the same thing.”

“That’s the same thing!” Kelly agreed. “They are trying to silence you. Maybe they are just that vindictive.”

Check out the deranged interview below.