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The salty mouth breathers and television "personalities" took umbrage with being blocked by Naomi Osaka after they took time out of their hateful days to attack her professional choices.

During her interview with right-wing show, America This Week with host Eric Bolling, the disgraced journalist complained on-air about President-elect, Joe Biden's, call for unity after more than four years of division caused mostly in part by the Trump presidency.

Once again, Megyn Kelly offered up her opinion when no one asked for it. The alleged blackface expert and posterwoman for white privilege let off a tweet soaked in victim-blaming Jacob Blake.

Tamron Hall was one of the brightest stars on the NBC News network, gaining respect in the media industry as one of the top journalists around. Since leaving the network, Hall will host her own show on ABC soon and it appeared that she might have been reveling in the firing of Blackface-loving former NBC […]

Megyn Kelly is officially out at NBC. After massive blowback from her pro-blackface segment, NBC has cut ties with the host with a history of making racist remarks, for making a racist remark. 

Ding dong, the bigoted witch is gone. Megyn Kelly is reportedly out at NBC after the backlash to her headass, all-white “What’s so bad about blackface?” discussion on her show. 

Megyn Kelly got smoked online after being casually racist by saying she didn’t get the big deal over Blackface despite its well-documented racist past. The former Fox News and current NBC News host has since apologized, but Twitter isn’t letting her off the hook that easily.

Surprise, surprise, Megyn Kelly has apologized. The NBC host with racist tendencies apologized to her colleagues for the pro-Blackface stance she took on Tuesday morning’s (Oct. 23) episode of Megyn Kelly Today on NBC. 

Megyn Kelly left Fox News for a high-paying gig with rival NBC News, a move that still has some wondering why she left the conservative and cushy job. Kelly reminded many folks that if she ever leaves NBC that Fox will be waiting for her after claiming she doesn’t understand why Blackface is racist.

Megyn Kelly is either a troll, a not so subtle racist or a simpleton—maybe all three. The NBC host who desperately wishes she could return to FOX, basically asked what’s the big deal about blackface.