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Cardi B

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Cardi B is making money moves-literally but it appears as if her historic achievements aren’t enough for some fans causing the Bronx-bred emcee to delete her Twitter page.

On Friday the 28-year-old rapper took to social media to announce the launch of her a doll designed in her likeness, which was created in collaboration with the new brand Real Women Are, a company dedicated to diversity and inclusion to celebrate all girls. While the announcement was celebratory of her latest business venture, fans took to the posts to social media to question when the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was releasing her highly anticipated sophomore album.

“BARDI GANG!! I’m dropping my own doll TODAY! Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me,” she shared on Instagram. “This means sooo much.”

“Drop the fu**ing album,” wrote one fan, to which Cardi replied, “SUCK MY D*CK.” While the RIAA certified Diamond artist clarified that her follow up release is coming soon but she wants to make sure it’s “immaculate” first, she went in on fans adding that the pressure to release work while she is building an empire seems entitled noting that she just dropped her infectious single, “Up” three weeks ago.

“Yo, I really hate when people start acting like brats and start really pissing me off. I don’t like that s**t,” Bardi said in a Twitter voice note. “I wanna make it very clear. After I dropped I said, I’m gonna take my time. I gotta finish my album. If I say I’m gonna finish my album, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in March, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in April. Let me do this f**king s**t because everybody expect me to f**king fail, so when I drop my album, I want it to be immaculate with everything great. However, don’t every single time that I f**king drop something, ya’ll discourage me with the ‘I thought you was gonna drop the album, I thought you was gonna drop a song.’ My mans, I just dropped a song three f**king weeks ago.”

Cardi b also adds that for musicians to secure the bag on the level of Jay-Z, they have to look outside of music.

“How ya’ll expect me to be a great businesswoman, how ya’ll expect me to make it to Forbes if I’m not doing other business ventures besides music,” Cardi continued. “You should learn from JAY-Z. You don’t just become a billionaire with f**king making music.”

While Cardi doesn’t release any further details about her upcoming project, rapper Saweetie does reveal that she plans on hopping in the studio with Bardi while shutting down rumors that the two are feuding.

During her recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Saweetie explained that two were not beefing before adding that things were blown out of proportion by the media.

“I think the media just likes to take things out of context,” Saweetie said. “I’m loving how women artists are starting to realize that sometimes it’s the media that creates something that’s not there. I think it just shows maturity and it shows growth amongst me and my peers to not be affected by what the media says.”

In regards to whether fans can expect  the two to appear on a song together soon, the “Best Friend” rapper revealed that their teams have been “talking.”

“Yeah, our teams have definitely been talking,” Saweetie said. “I think we’re just kinda waiting for that right record.”

Check out the interview with Saweetie below.