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Haters Sent FCC 80 Complaints About "WAP" Grammy Performance

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

“Conservative” viewers of The Grammy Awards were BIG MAD seeing two women proudly celebrate their WAPs.

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s PG-13 performance of their hit single “WAP” has earned them a bunch of hilarious and utterly ridiculous complaints sent to the FCC.

TMZ reports that “offended” viewers had plenty to say after watching the two rappers perform. In one review, an upset snowflake said it was “as if they were dancing in a strip club.” Well, that was the point, being that a strip pole was on the stage, and women were being showered with dollar bills. 

Other complaints focused on the artists’ wardrobe calling their stage attire, with one viewer from Idaho of all places calling it “absolutely disgusting.” A viewer from Texas was focused on Megan Thee Stallions on stage drip, saying she was “barely dressed in a thong” with “naked look-alike legs.”


Of course, cancel culture made its way into the complaints with an NJ resident somehow using Pepe Le Pew to try and make their point by asking, “Why was that performance okay, but Pepe Le Pew is offensive?” Another watcher brought up Dr. Seuss, wondering why the books are being pulled from shelves, but Cardi B can “sing about her [WAP] on national television.”

Those are just a few of the 80 complaints sent to the FCC, but we’re sure The Grammys and CBS are not sweating it at all. To put things in perspective, Justin Timberlake doing Janet Jackson dirty during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show “wardrobe malfunction” incident garnered 540,000 complaints.

So those complaints about the “WAP” performance are literally just a drop in the bucket and follow the news of a group accusing the two rappers of “glorifying prostitution” and gave coonservative Candace Owens something to cry about.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty