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Social distancing is a practice implemented to prevent the spread of a potentially deadly virus. However, Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ believes the practice is “inhumane.”

First, a little context is necessary before totally disregarding Joey’s commentary as dangerously naive. Over the weekend, the 26-year-old attempted to visit Disney World in Florida to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately, the trip was ruined when a child the rapper was traveling with was refused entry because the kid refused to wear a mask. The 2-year-old Joey says is a cousin is autistic and reportedly doesn’t understand the concept of mask-wearing, which he finds suffocating.

Per TMZ, Disney World was sticking to its policy of refusing admittance for anyone not wearing mask, no matter the circumstances. While this may be assuring to people trying to avoid a potential COVID-19 infection, it’s disheartening to someone in the extenuating circumstances described.

So this is why we’re not going to outright dismiss Joey Bada$$’s assertion, which taken at face value is just wrong. Clearly, he’s still feeling a ways about a blown weekend. But even with the added context, his recent rant against social distancing on Twitter is still tone-deaf.

“This new world has ZERO to do with anyone’s safety and everything to do with control and compliance,” started a series from Joey on Monday (March 22), “It’s sad how much this pandemic has enabled people to treat each other. Social distancing is inhumane. This society is governed by FEAR and it’s so sad that you blind folk can’t see pass [sic] what the external forces provide for you. I don’t watch the news because I know nothing’s new. I’m done arguing with anyone. I know most people won’t agree with me because most people are dull-minded and reliant. I have no energy for you folk. The difference between me and y’all is I’m governed by self. Good day.”

Yes, social distancing can be annoying. But it’s one of the easiest ways to keep you and those around you as safe as can be while we’re all in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed over 500,000 people in the United States alone.

Maybe Joey isn’t considering the broader scope of his theory or he just isn’t aware of the advisories provided by the Center for Disease Contro. In the same spiel, he admits that he doesn’t “watch the news because I know nothing’s new.” This is an example of peak irony since the “novel” in Novel Coronavirus literally means “new” as in a previously unidentified strain—thus the millions of death before a vaccine was even developed.

Joey Bada$$ words are a slap in the face to the millions of people practicing these “inhumane” countermeasures, like wearing masks and constantly washing their hands, for the sake of keeping their loved ones, and even strangers, alive. And it goes without saying the people who have lost family to the coronavirus are not appreciative of his rhetoric.

Sounds like Joey Bada$$ is one of those “free thinkers,” like Kanye West. The problem is too often the facts end up costing them their credibility on subjects requiring the application of knowledge.

Let us know what you think of Joey’s take on COVID restrictions.