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Fox Hires Obama Impersonator To Debate Gary Johnson

In continuing their bias political news coverage, controversial new channel Fox News hired a Barack Obama impersonator to appear in a debate with John Stossel and Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

In the seven minute debate moderated by Stossel, presidential candidate Johnson and Obama impersonator Reggie Brown talked about the U.S. economy in a skit that was supposed to be comical, while mocking President Obama’s character, but lacked comedy all together.

Though Fox’s attempt at bashing the President by using an impersonator comes off as juvenile antics more than credible journalism.

Furthermore, it’s not funny, but maybe that has a lot to do with Brown’s weak impersonation of the president.

I’m sure Fox could have found someone better.

Still, this is the type of clownish news broadcasting that Fox News is know for, so anyone who’s taken aback by their behavior shouldn’t be surprised by this.

In fact, this is the second time this Obama impersonator has appeared on Stossel’s program.

He was also used to debate presidential candidate Ron Paul in April.

With the presidential elections approaching in 2012, Fox News and their absurdities are far from Level 10.

Watch Johnson’s debate with the Obama impersonator here: