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Funkmaster Flex is a bonafide Hip-Hop legend with a lengthy resume—however, he can be quite the curmudgeon. Cardi B is no doubt keenly aware of this since the longtime Hot 97 DJ and radio host has gone on the record to call her a terrible rapper.

So much for fellow Bronx native love.

In an interview with Naji on Cigar Talk, Flex told the world how he really feels. “I do think Cardi B’s a terrible rapper my n*gga. I just do, man,” said Flex, with the host adding fuel to the fire.. “She’s an amazing entertainer. I love her on social media. I love the way she talks about a subject. I like her whole swag. I like everything,.. but she’s a terrible rapper, man.”

Yeah, there’s no way of spinning this one as you can see in the clip below.

But Flex has had Cardi in his sights for years now, particularly over her admitted use of ghostwriters and even asserting her team paid DJ’s to play her music. But Flex was adamant that the bars just aren’t there.

“If somebody wrote it, those aren’t good bars,” said a laughing Flex. “So somebody sold you bad bars.”

The thing is, Flex has been on the radio for decades. Throughout that time he has surely held his nose and spun some truly horrible rappers—he even mentioned “mumble rap” in the clip—and their records. But he doesn’t really project that same energy to call any those weak-rhymed artists out like he does Cardi B.

But once again, Flex has our attention. And ready for the Cardi B clap back.