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Sun's Head Coach Suspended & Fined For Comments About Liz Cambage's Weight

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Connecticut Sun head coach and general manager Curt Miller learned the hard way that Las Vegas Aces hooper Liz Cambage is not the one to be played with.

Miller earned himself a one-game suspension and a fine from the WNBA after making a disparaging comment about Cambage. During Sunday’s (May 23) game against the Las Vegas Aces, while trying to get a call from the referee, Miller said,  “Come on, she’s 300 pounds.” referring to Aces superstar.

In an email sent to the HuffPost, the WNBA revealed that Miller was slapped with a $10,000 fine and suspended for one game for his remarks.

Before the league took action, Cambage — who doesn’t bite her tongue for anyone — hopped on Instagram after the game to call out Miller, who she hilariously referred to as “little sir man” while informing her fans that “something went down” and that she’ll “never let a man disrespect me, ever, ever, ever, especially a little white one.”

The 6 foot 8 baller who is of Nigerian and Australian decent continued, “To the coach of Connecticut, I’m sorry little sir man I do not know your name, but the next time you try to call out a referee … you know, trying to get a call being like, ‘Come on, she’s 300 pounds,’ I’m going to need you to get it right.”

Cambage also made sure to point out her correct weight, 235 lbs, and emphasized that she is “very proud” of it.

She didn’t take her foot off his neck either, calling him “tiny” and further adding, “Don’t ever try to disrespect me or another woman in the league.  I don’t know if that’s how if coaches run. You try to disrespect women like that from the sideline? You’re so lucky it was during a game. That whole part. You’re so lucky I was doing my job.”

“For a coach from another team to be yelling protected abuse, because we can’t do nothing back, it’s crazy to me,” Cambage stated.

Miller did offer Cambage an apology while speaking with reporters via Zoom on Monday (May 24), saying that “as a leader, words matter.”

“It was inappropriate. It wasn’t directed at Liz, but it makes no difference. I’m disappointed in myself and truly sorry, remorseful,” he continued. “In a league where we empower women, and I’ve spent 31 years empowering women, [my comment] was not just not acceptable.”

In a statement released by Miller later that same Monday, he admitted that wrote that he regrets “what I said in the heat of the moment and want to sincerely apologize to Liz and the entire Aces organization. I understand the gravity of my words and have learned from this.”

Miller missed Tuesday night’s (May 25) game against Seattle Storm in which his team lost 90-87.

Bet you he won’t try Liz Cambage ever again.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83