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“To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me, for real. Do not forget about me ’cause I will forever think about you, and I cannot wait for you to see me again…. I’m out.” Judgment day has finally come for Lil Wayne. […]

For college students eagerly waiting for their chance to see Young Money’s golden child they’re in luck. Right before his commander in chief leaves for jail, Drake is announcing a 25 date college tour around the country. His first solo tour dubbed the “Away From Home” tour will be part of the 5th Annual Campus […]

The stars are aligning once again for a telethon to raise money for Haiti relief efforts. As previously reported BET will broadcast their “SOS Saving Ourselves-Help For Haiti” telethon tonight, bringing together acts from around the country. Hosting the telethon at Miami’s American Airlines Aren are three powerhouses in Hip-Hop, Diddy, Pharrell and Queen Latifah. […]

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“Me and Em talked about something today…we’ll see.” There is always more to come over the horizon and 2010 in Hip Hop music continues to look more promising. Fresh off a performance with Eminem, rapper Drake has begun to talk about collaborating with the Detroit MC once again, but this time for his debut album, […]

“There are certain things you can’t say, or sing, on television.” Ever since the broadcast of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards this weekend, the Internet has been pulsating in regards to the “unnecessary” censoring of lyrics for the night’s closing performances from Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake. Check the drastically contrasting performance here. Stating that […]

Various acts in genres of music including pop, rock, rap and r&b are uniting for a remake of 1985’s “We Are The World.” Originally produced by Quincy Jones and co-written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, the song made $30 million for African humanitarian programs 25 years ago. Now in light of the devastation in […]

Never in one’s wildest dreams would anyone have ever thought they would see the day when Lil Wayne and Eminem actually collaborated on a track together. So far with two tracks down, the two partnered up at the Grammy Awards last night to deliver the single from Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, “Drop The World”, which drops […]

Three of the hottest in Hip-Hop have been confirmed to take the stage Sunday at the Grammy’s to perform. Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne have confirmed a performance of their chart topping single “Forever.” They’ll be joined onstage by Blink182 drummer Travis Barker who’ll provide drum beats to turn their hit into a rock classic. […]