Serena and Venus Williams went head to head at Wimbledon’s women’s singles final this weekend with Serena ultimately winning 7-6, 6-2. The win is the 11th grand slam title for Serena. She is also the current winner of three titles from the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and now Wimbledon. Just last year, the exact […]

While many people were able to enjoy the fireworks over the weekend, residents of Cherokee County, South Carolina were forced into their homes in fear with their doors tightly locked. The Fourth of July was cancelled indefinitely. Investigators have been on the hunt for a serial killer. A sketch was released Friday of a man […]

Marion Barry, former D.C. mayor and current Washington councilman has been arrested yet again, this time being charged with misdemeanor stalking. In Washington, on July 4, around 8:45 p.m., U.S. Park Police were flagged down by a woman who pointed at Barry, 73, sitting in another car. She told the officers that Barry was stalking […]

Former NFL Quarterback and 2003 co-MVP, Steve McNair, was found dead on Saturday, July 4, with multiple gun shots at a condominium in downtown Nashville, according to Nashville Metropolitan police spokesperson Don Aaron. It was located near 2nd South and Lea Avenue. The bodies were found by friend Wayne Neely from whom McNair had rented […]

After a four-year hiatus since his last album, Hustla’s Handbook, West Coast rapper Mack 10 is back on the Hip-Hop scene with his upcoming, Soft White, slated for August 25. The official first single for the upcoming project is “So Sharp” which features Rick Ross and

Blockbuster trades are what fans of the off-season look forward to every year. This year marks one of the most exceptional trade seasons in a while with every team seemingly making very calculated moves, all seemingly geared toward making successful runs for the championship. Last week saw Shaquille O’Neil traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in […]

President Obama’s plan for a high-speed rail project could prove to be quite costly and a very risky move if profits do not match what he is hoping. Obama will be funding $13 billion into a determined high-speed rail project. Some have felt that the idea will not be able to generate any type of […]

The Game is reportedly in talks to star in his third major film. After hitting up the big screen in Waist Deep (2006) and Street Kings (2008), this time one of the West Coast’s finest is rumored to be in talks to take on the role of “Sgt. Bosco Baracus,” better known as “B.A.” for […]

In the second documented act of police brutality in less than a week, Texas police officers are accused of displaying more force than needed on a man, a pastor, and his congregation. Jose Moran, Pastor of the Iglesia Profetica Peniel Church, was arrested early Wednesday morning; the official charge against him was interfering with the […]

dead prez has a few issues with President Obama’s Stimulus Plan. M1 and spoke exclusively with Hip-Hop Wired about how $3.2 billion is being used to further drive the prison industrial complex. stated, “ I’m just urging people to do the research so that they can be familiar with what their government is […]

Wow, so not only did Usher file for divorce last month but now he’s taking things a step further and seeking to establish paternity of his youngest son, Nayvid. WTF? Damn, Tameka, you really got yourself into some deep Shyte here. This soap opera is better than any mess you can find on TV. Read […]

What happened to the art of love making? Lately, sex is viewed as a quick way to get off and is often depicted in perverted fashions of lusty romp sessions with sweaty, growling men and women over dramatically screaming. Let it be known that, of course, sometimes couples do need to get aggressive and unleash […]