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With the sharp rise of police brutality and misconduct that has been occurring, the NAACP has found a way to utilize technology to report such instances and take necessary steps forward in ceasing this ongoing epidemic. A survey in January composed of U.S. emergency physicians showed that 97.8 % believed that excessive force by police […]

A case was recently closed of a serial killer that left a county in South Carolina in fear, but now another case has opened its doors. Police are now investigating a North Carolina country road in an attempt to figure out if the area has become a dumping ground for the victims of a killer. […]

Adding to an ever growing reputation of “Uncle Tom-ness,” Michael Steele managed to inject more racism into an event that was already heavily influenced by its presence. Appearing at the Young Republican convention, the same event that saw the less than subtle racist Audra Shay be elected to the groups’ presidency, the chairman of the […]

The NAACP is celebrating 100 years of service. The civil rights organization kicked off their centennial convention this weekend at the New York Hilton Hotel in New York City. With the slogan, “Bold Dreams- Big Victories”, the convention runs until Thursday. The president of the organization, Benjamin Todd Jealous, reaffirmed that that the organization is […]

Police have reported that they may have found the body of Eridania Rodriguez, 46, a cleaning woman who had vanished without a trace days prior. Her body was found Saturday stuffed inside an air conditioning duct in a utility room located on the 12th floor at a Manhattan skyscraper, according to Police Department spokesman Paul […]

The current financial recession has been more damaging for African-American communities in New York at an alarming rate, confirmed a report released Monday by a city comptroller. According to CNN, while unemployment in the city spiked to 72 percent from the first quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, it surged to more […]

In an inspiring move for young Black girls everywhere, Kimberley Anyadike made history this weekend. At just 15-years old, she is now the youngest Black female to fly an airplane from coast to coast. The teen flew from Compton, California to Newport, News Virginia. She was accompanied by an adult safety pilot and a World […]

The suburban Philadelphia swim club, Valley Club, has invited minorities back after allegations of racist statements from club members. Black and Hispanic children, from the predominantly day-care center Creative Steps Inc, stated that they heard members of the Valley club use racial remarks in relation to them as well as escorting their children from the […]

A new health campaign by the National Health Service pamphlet has got British citizens tizzy. Dubbed the “Orgasm A Day” campaign and directed toward school children, teens, and those entering college, the campaign preaches the positive effects that are enjoyed by those who have a safe, active sex life. The informative little booklet, a pamphlet, […]

HBCU supporters nationwide should be preparing to rejoice, especially on the historic campus of Morehouse College. In a monumental move, President Obama is choosing a Morehouse grad to become the new Surgeon General. His pick is a 1982 grad of the Morehouse School of Medicine and also happens to be a woman, yes a woman. […]

Amanda Carina Barbosa Rodrigues, 23, the wife of ex-boxer Arturo Gatti, is in the custody of police after he was found dead Saturday in San Paulo. Statements made by the woman during an interrogation, which come off as being contradictory, has resulted in the woman being the prime suspect in her husband’s death, according to […]

A political “Clash of the Titans” is being waged within the Republican party; battles are being fought that place members of the Grand Old Party against none other than themselves in fights centered around a myriad of topics. So-called “Rush Limbaugh” Republicans are waging war against their common sense-minded colleagues, dubbed “Colin Powell” Republicans, often […]