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District Judge Denny Chin listened to the call of the people, choosing to send the greatest thief of modern times to prison for the rest of his natural life, handing down a less than astounding sentence of 150 years. The ruling, granted much to the delight of prosecutors from the U.S. District Attorneys Office, was […]

In a matter of hours, the world will have discovered what becomes of world-class swindlers in the United States of America. Bernard “Bernie” Madoff, undisputed master bilker and the greatest thief of the modern era, will face a judge and receive his sentence for his crimes against the American people. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin […]

Hip-Hop Wired’s Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris recently sat down with scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins. The Syracuse University Financial Professor and advocate for African-Americans obtaining education and economic empowerment and warrior against racial injustice goes in on a few topics affecting Black America in the first of many insightful interviews. HipHopWired: As far as Hip-Hop is concerned, […]

Activist and front line soldier Warren Ballentine is about fighting for the rights of African-Americans. The syndicated radio host and attorney spoke with Hip-Hop Wired’s “Michael Ice-Blue” Harris about several plagues affecting the African-American community and the importance of giving back and inspiring hope into our Black Youth. Here’s the first installment of several interviews […]

The “winner” in the Iran election wants Obama to mind his business about the protests in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected into office as the winner of the Iran election and protests have been taking off ever since. Iran officials are accusing the U.S. of provoking the protests and have banned media from reporting in […]

North Korea wants to “wipe out” the United States once and for all. North Korea is getting bold and threatening to take the U.S. to war. According to the Associated Press, Korea is accusing the U.S. government of trying to “provoke a second Korean war.” North Korea warned the U.S. to back off Wednesday after […]

Three men have been found guilty for plotting to blow up planes, by way of liquids in carry-on luggage, on flights from Britain to the U.S. According to CNN, Abdullah Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussein were all charged and found guilty with conspiracy to murder. Five other men were found not guilty. In August […]

Everyone looking for a new beginning need only wait for a matter of hours before time will start anew, figuratively and logistically speaking, as 2010 is upon us. As millions of American get ready to party and welcome a new year and the mystery associated with it, many would be remised to know that not […]