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Last week, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta besties, Karlie Redd and Sierra came to blows because Karlie missed Sierra’s court date. This week we pick right up at that point.

After Sierra snuffed the hell out of Karlie, the two reality starlets get to hair pulling. Sierra’s assistant even gets in on the action and tries to get a piece of Karlie. Eventually, security gets in between the ladies but not before Rasheeda and Bambi are totally shocked at what they just witnessed and are not sure if Karlie and Sierra will be able to move past this.

Following the dust-up, at Sierra’s party, we catch up with the Coca and LightSkinKeisha while they are filming their YouTube show “The Vangos.” After they wrap, they decide to talk about Scrappy again. LightSkinKeisha is still BIG MAD that Scrappy pulled the song they recorded together down from his gram.

The conversation shifts to marriage and Coca isn’t quite ready to have that discussion just yet, BUT he does say he wants to get married to LightSkinKeisha eventually.

Yeah right.

Following their fight, the ladies decide to confide in friends about the situation. Karlie runs to Pressed to talk to Rasheeda while Sierra speaks with Bambi. Rasheeda voices her disappointment in what happened between Karlie and Rasheeda. Sierra opens up to Bambi about the whole situation. Karlie feels she was a setup because Sierra’s assistant jumped in. Meanwhile, Sierra says she didn’t know her assistant got involved, and she is not okay with that. We learn that Karlie is considering pressing charges against Sierra and that Ms.Redd has already informed Sierra’s momma of her intent to do so.

Damn, we guess their friendship didn’t mean a damn thing.

It’s finally time for Scrappy’s surprise birthday party, and it’s no better time for Kirk and Rasheeda to talk business. Momma Dee reveals that Shirleen told her that Kirk wouldn’t allow her to open up her own boutique to sell plus size clothing. Kirk stands by his decision.

Oh, and Scrapp De Leon is back. He’s celebrating being out of prison for a year.

When Shirleen walks in, Kirk and Rasheeda decide to talk to her about what is going on at Pressed. They confront her about selling clothes out of the store. Kirk even goes as far as to accuse Shirleen of making the sales low in the Houston shop on purpose, a claim she denies. Kirk points out that when he swapped workers at the store, the numbers were significantly higher, so it seems like she isn’t telling the truth at all.

Finally, its time for the surprise when Scrappy and Bambi show up. After they are surprised by loved ones and friends, Joc makes an observation to Scrappy that it looks like Momma Dee is drinking again. Scrappy approaches his momma, and she is not pleased about being pressed about what she is sipping on, which she points out is only cola. While she appreciates everyone looking out for her health, she also doesn’t like the fact her own son doesn’t trust her.

Her mood is about to get worst.

Scrapp De Leon’s momma, Karen King, shows up, and she and Momma Dee have a reunion. Things get awkward when Bambi”s mom, Cee Cee walks, and Momma Dee is not too happy to see her. Instead of confronting her, Momma Dee decides to throw on her coat and leave.

We check back in with Sierra, and she is nervous all over again after she gets a message from her lawyer. Sierra decides to call Rasheeda to come over to help her cope because now she feels like she might be heading to jail. When Sierra’s lawyer shows up, she breaks out her laptop to show her the footage from the funeral that proves that she did not put hands on Shooter’s baby mama, clearing her of any wrongdoing.

Sierra can’t hold back the tears due to the fact she is happy she is not going to jail for that incident, but there is still is that issue of Karlie Redd potentially pressing charges on her.

Now in a sporadic occurrence, Stevie and Mimi sit down for a cordial conversation. Stevie J is a new man now that he is married to Faith and can’t believe he got hitched before Mimi. She, on the other hand, is scared at the thought of marrying Ty due to her always being hurt and abandoned. Stevie J apologizes for his role in Mimi developing those feelings, and she gets emotional. Mimi knows Ty deserves better, and she will have to figure something out very soon.

Look at the growth.

Joc, the entrepreneur, is not only a former rapper, salon owner, radio personality, and Uber driver. He is now a nightclub owner as well and is opening a club in ATL called South Beach. Make it make sense. Anyway, he has invited Keisha, Coca, and Shekinah to check out the spot and try the food. He has no idea the Shekinah asked Bambi and Scrappy, knowing that Bambi has a problem with LightSkinKeisha.

Before Bambi arrives, Coca explains he was dealing with Bambi’s homegirl for a year and a half and ended things because they were not working out.

When Bambi and Scrappy finally do show up, things go left quickly because Bambi doesn’t want anything to do with LightSkinKeisha. When Bambi brings up what happened between Coca and her friend, LightSkinKeisha says it’s not her fault that Bambi’s friend failed at keeping a man. Instead of engaging with Keisha any further, Bambi decides to leave.

Finally, after beating her case, Sierra decides to run to church so she can give thanks to the Lord for keeping her out of jail for a year. After service, Sierra, Karlie, Spice, and Rasheeda head outside to have a discussion. Sierra starts crying and apologizes to Karlie. Unfortunately, Karlie isn’t buying it and doesn’t feel confident they will be able to hash things out between them. Karlie also states she would never put hands on Sierra, and she is having a hard time believing Sierra’s tears.

With things getting tense, Spice and Rasheeda decide to leave Sierra and Karlie to talk alone. Karlie admits during her confessional she doesn’t believe Sierra is genuine. Karlie still can’t get over the fact that Sierra’s friends jumped in, and she didn’t stop them.

Karlie eventually says she forgives Sierra while also breaking down into tears. BUT she still feels that Sierra doesn’t have her back and the two friends leave with their friends looking really shaky.

Viewers had thoughts on what they witnessed, you see all of the hilarious reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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