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Black Ink Crew Chicago

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Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Charmaine bossed up and introduced us to her new family at 2nd City Ink, the shop she co-owns with Jess Simpson. Ryan, on the other hand, is not really feeling the idea of Charmaine, — who can’t tattoo — is running a shop, plus we learn he is dealing with some co-parenting issues as well as sleeping in his own shop.

This week’s episode picks up at 2nd City Ink with Charmaine’s new crew of tattoo artists offering to teach her how to tattoo. Jess is onboard with the idea and feels that as an owner, her business partner should know the craft. When asked during her confessional if she would ever let Charmaine tattoo her, Jess pretty much shuts that idea down. Charmaine quickly changes the subject announcing to the team that she is four months pregnant. Honestly, their boss is clearly showing, and we are failing to understand how they couldn’t tell in the first place without her making the announcement.

Jess thinks the moment is a great reason to celebrate and comes up with the idea to throw a sexy pajama party at her place. This will be the first gathering of the crew and feels this will help the team get to know each other better. Jess wants everyone exposed and loosened up but not “hooking up.” Jess has no idea that two of her employees have already been quite cozy with each other. Jess is gonna learn, though.

We zap to Charmaine and Neek’s apartment, and she is busy preparing a traditional Haitian meal as a peace offering to Neek’s hating ass mom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and Neek’s momma calls his wife attempt at Haitian cuisine salty and dry.

Charmaine’s feelings are hurt, as they should be, and she leaves the table visibly upset. Neek is not feeling his mom’s behavior and feels she can make a better effort at trying to get along with Charmaine.

Meanwhile, at 9Mag, Rachel catches up with Ryan for a much-needed conversation. Rachel tells Ryan that she knows he is living in his shop and wants to know what is going on? Ryan explains to Rachel that he’s just trying to figure sh*t out and that the only reason he hasn’t found a new place to live because his goal was to try to fix their relationship so he can come home. Rachel isn’t feeling his epiphany at all and wants Ryan to get it together because their kid can’t be visiting Ryan at the shop. After a bit of a back and forth, Ryan cops to his behavior, and Rachel leaves him with his thoughts.

We catch up with Jess, and she is currently exploring her new home with her artists and Chicago natives, Fly Tatted and Prince. They are now on a mission for some local Chicago cuisine, and the westside boys take her to get some fried chicken with mild sauce. While getting to know her employees personally, Fly Tatted opens up to her telling Jess the tragic story of how he lost his little brother to gun violence. After hearing his story, Jess admits that growing up as a mixed-race child in London made her jaded to all of the trials and tribulations going on for Black Americans.

Back at 9Mag, Ryan links up with a client. While working on the tattoo, Ryan states that after having that conversation with Rachel, he understands that she is fed up and hasn’t fully healed over the things he has done during their time together. He realizes he has to man-up for his son, who is quickly becoming a teenager.

Last week 2nd City Ink artists Zach and Draya wasted no time hitting it off their “first date.” Now on an “official first date,” a romantic picnic, things are moving very fast between the both of them. While they both really like each other, they both agree to set some boundaries when they are at work and to keep things cordial so no one will become suspicious about their relationship.

It’s time to check in on the brothers, Phor and Don. After his run-in with the law, Phor, who isn’t shy about his bachelor status at all, began thinking about starting a family. For his first test, Phor agrees to watch his young nephews while Don steps out just to see if he is built for the daddy life. Unfortunately, Don’s boys are a bit of a handful for his brother, and Phor admits he’s not quite ready to have kids yet.

We head back to Charmaine’s crib, and she confronts Neek’s mom and lets her know she isn’t feeling her overprotective vibes at all. After Charmaine rightfully puts her foot down, Neek’s mom tells her daughter-in-law that she was only worried about her first grandchild. BUT she does love Charmaine and apologizes to her, and two finally come to an understanding that Neek would be proud to see.

The scene shifts to Ryan and his adorable son Mason at the gym. Ryan tells his seed that he is going to get an apartment or a condo so they can finally spend time together outside of the shop. This pleases Mason very much who has two requests for his dad when securing his new digs, it has to have a pool, and he wants his own room. Ryan promises to deliver on one of those things, most likely, it will be the room.

Finally, its party time at Jess’ place and everyone showed up in their sexy pajamas, especially the ladies. Things are going smoothly with everyone having a good time until they decided to play a game of Truth or Dare. Zach and Draya pretty much confirm that they are messing around with each other while Draya is completing a dare of licking whip cream off of Zach’s chest and sealing the deal with a kiss.

Things get extra spicy when Zach sees Fly Tatted smacking Draya’s booty while she is twerking, and he is not too happy and gets insanely jealous. The two artists start talking greasy to each other, hurling threats, but nothing really pops off, but based on the preview from the next episode, this will set a new feud in motion.

Looks like Jess’ knew exactly what she was talking about when she laid down the no relationships rule. Will this sizzling beef bring down 2nd City Ink already? We shall see next week until then peep the reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz