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'Black Ink Crew': Made Rich Flames Alex & The OGs At Ted's Party

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

The rookies are letting the Black Ink Crew OGs know they are no pushovers and want all the smoke.

The Search Continues For A New Black Ink Location

Puma and Teddy have this knockoff Real World situation for the rookies as they try to determine who will join the OGs in the new shop.

But there is still one slight problem. They have not locked down a new location to work out of. The episode opens up with Puma and Quani checking out a potential spot, but according to Quani, it’s a real fixer-upper and honestly not worth any of Puma’s time or money, and he agrees.

Quani is also BIG MAD that her husband is neglecting her, putting most of his time into keeping the Black Ink tradition going, and not spending time with her. Puma also agrees with that and promises to do better.

Later in the episode, he takes Quani to do a couple’s awkward photo shoot, and they have a blast. Puma solves one potential problem with his wife for now but still has to find a new shop.

Nychelle Decides To Go Back Home

It looks like Nychelle is over her time being wasted by Alex, plus Teddy and Puma. Linking up with Draya, she tells her that she is completely over Alex and will head back home to Houston to focus on her shop and son. Nychelle feels she has been missing out on bags by wasting her time in NYC and feels enough is enough with this situation.

We truly hope this is not the last we see of Nychelle for obvious reasons.

The Rookies Have Issues With Krystal & Alex’s Behavior

Following the madness at the mansion caused by Krystal over Rok, the rookies discuss what happened that night, and they all genuinely feel Krystal and Alex are doing too much.

Teddy stops by the mansion, and they express how they feel to him, and he assures him that’s not what the new Black Ink brand is all about. He also invites them to his 40th birthday party and warns them not to bring drama to his celebration.

We also learn that Puma did keep his promise to Jahnova, who won the opportunity to tattoo one of her potential boss’s famous clients. Teddy reveals to Jahnova that the client is Rowdy Rebel, and she delivers a tattoo that the rapper approves of.

Made Rich also makes it known he does not like that Alex treats him like a little brother because he feels he is better than Alex. He plans to check Alex and the OGs for their behavior at Teddy’s party despite their boss telling them not to bring drama.

Santana & Miracle’s Fling Crashes & Burns

One thing these Black Ink stars never seem to learn is that you shouldn’t sh*t where you eat, but unfortunately, their hard-headedness is a constant source of our entertainment.

Santana and Miracle immediately hit off then they got into the mansion. But, there is always a dirty mack in these situations, and that’s where Mr. Polyamours, aka Ink Dreamy, steps in. He tells Santana that he thinks Miracle has a girlfriend already.

Armed with her new info, Miracle checks Santana’s phone and finds a number saved with kissy face emojis next to it. Santana presses Miracle while at dinner, and she claims she is not wasting Miracle’s time; she doesn’t have a girlfriend, and the name in her phone with the emojis is her mother.

Miracle doesn’t believe her and decides to check out from the date.


Made Rich Flames Alex & The OGs

While at his birthday party, the rookies, mainly Made Rich decides to do a talent show. Made Rich drop a slide presentation of drawings that disrespect Alex, Krystal, Rock, and Nychelle during his act.

Alex is not feeling and snatches the drawings off the stage while Krystal rips them up angrily. Alex then confronts Made Rich and tells him he needs to respect him, and the rest of the OGs, and the two have to be separated.

Santana also had time for Ink Dreamy for being a c*** blocker.

You can peep reactions to the latest of Black Ink Crew in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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