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Last week on Black Ink Crew Donna informed Ceaser about the injury Alex received as a result of getting jumped by both Ted and tattoo shop owner. Now, this week the CEO of Black Ink is feeling sick at the notion that he ruined Alex’s life over nothing.

The episode opens up with Krystal revealing to her new ratchet family that she just found out she has a secret sister that her dad never told her about. The tattoo artist details her non-existent relationship with her father, so she is not surprised at all that he didn’t mention her hidden sibling at all.

Later in the episode, Krystal meets up with her sister for the first time. They have a lot of catching up to do because their father didn’t connect them with each other, so they missed out on a lot of each other lives. It was a very emotional moment with some tears shed over the fact their dad failed them as a parent.

Tatti is still upset that Ted dumped her after she called him out for sneaking around with Krystal. Despite both Ted and Krystal adamantly denying that nothing happened between them Tatti still has some ill feelings towards her new hire and her boyfriend. Krystal doesn’t help matters either because she keeps taking shots at Tatti as well with the shop manager’s frustration clearly building.

Moving along we catch up with Ceaser, and he is looking like someone torched both of his tattoo shops. He is so down in the dumps because the private investigator he hired pretty much confirmed Donna was telling the truth about Alex. Ceaser is sad to learn that because of his actions Alex is no longer able to work and unable to provide child support for his son.

Ted who is just as much responsible for Alex’s injury really didn’t show any form of remorse like his cousin when Sky told him that his former co-worker is seriously hurt. Ceaser is still feeling awful, and Sky suggests maybe its because he lashes out at people who are closest to him too much. She pitches the idea that her “brother” should take a trip with her to Los Angeles. He agrees and feels a location change and some legal weed will help him get over the situation.

Speaking of Alex, he is FED UP. The idea that girl Donna is helping pay child support and doing all of the heavy-lifting literally and figuratively is making him feel like less of a man.

Donna just wants to make sure her man’s spirits are lifted during these troubling times decides to take him to a pottery class. Alex who’s cup has officially runneth over with frustration lashes out at Donna for picking a spot where sitting would be required for an extended period knowing his back injury will not allow it. The date is over before it began with Alex leaving the spot.

Donna chases down her boo, and he lets her have it pretty wishing he never agreed to go to Bae’s wedding or ever agreeing to work at Black Ink cause his back would be perfectly fine still, so he basically blamed Donna for everything. Poor Donna all she was trying to do was make Alex feel better, but you can’t blame him for feeling how he does about the entire situation.

Last but not least, Momma Bae is leaving Harlem and heading back to Korea, and Bae and the Black Ink Crew are sad to see their receptionist and Walt’s savior go. In typical Black Ink fashion, they decided to throw Momma Bae a surprise farewell party featuring a cake and two bootyful strippers. Bae isn’t here for it, but her momma sure was and definitely had herself a good ass time.

While setting up for the party Kitty and Tatti get to talking about Bae’s momma leaving and Kitty basically points out how much of a financial strain Bae’s mom was on the shop.

Tatti being salty still tells Bae what Kitty said about her mom but added some extra fluff to the story infuriating the already sad Young Bae. During a team-building trip, head of HR Sky instructed the crew to air out any unresolved issues they had with each other and Tatti wasted no time calling out Krystal, Tokie and saying Kitty was fake. From there Bae takes over and regurgitates the overexaggerated mess Tatti claims Kit said.

Tempers quickly flare after Kitty states if she had a problem with her friend Young Bae she would have said it to her face. Things get extra spicy between the two “friends” with security having to get in between them.

Unfortunately, we are going to have wait till next week to see how this ratchet kerfuffle pans out. But for now, hit the gallery below to see all the reactions to last night’s episode of Black Ink Crew.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty