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The Grammys always will leave folks in their feelings. The BeyHive was tight after Beyoncé didn’t win Album of The Year, and R&B bad boy Chris Brown was BIG MAD after failing to secure a Grammy and played himself big time in the process.

Minus the bowtie this time around, Chris Brown had to say he was sorry after he hopped into his Instagram stories and took shots at highly beloved and decorated artist Robert Glasper after losing the Grammy for best R&B album to him.

For those who are like Breezy, stuck in a bubble, and have no idea who Robert Glasper is, he is a damn good pianist and producer, and his work transcends Jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

In his “apology” to Glasper after the disrespect, Brown shared a screengrab of an apology he sent via direct message to Glasper.

“Congratulations my brother… I would like to apologize if you took offense to my reaction at the Grammys. You were not the intended target and I know I came off really rude and mean.”

He continued, “After doing my research I actually think you’re amazing… the organization isn’t doing us Blacks our due diligence. You and I should never be in the same category… two totally different vibes and genres. So from one Black man to another, congratulations. Hope you are able to feed your family for life. God bless my G.”

Here’s Where Chris Brown Played Himself

After Glasper secured his fifth Grammy, Brown pop and locked into his Instagram stories posting a story stating, “Y’all playing. Who da fuck is this?” He then wrote, “Ima keep kicking y’all ass! Respectfully.”

His next post was an image  asking, “Who the f*ck is Robert Glasper.” Brown, who has been the recipient of 21 Grammy nominations, winning one, posted a photo of himself with a harmonica, writing, “I gotta get my skills up… ima start playing the harmonica.”

Brown ended his now-deleted tirade by sharing a TikTok showcasing all of his achievements that closes with a Google search of Glasper with a voiceover asking, “Who the fuck is this?”

Well, after Twitter users gathered him all the way up, now he knows, and he’s singing he’s sorry.

You can see more reactions to Chris Brown being BIG MAD in the gallery below.

Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty

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