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LSU v Iowa

Emmanuel Acho, currently a sports analyst and a former professional athlete, is certainly qualified to speak on the happenings of the sports world. However, the former NFL linebacker delivered an awful take that he tried to dress up nicely regarding Angel Reese, and many of Acho’s peers are checking him while other fans are going at his well-manicured fade.

In a now-viral clip shared to social media, Emmanuel Acho, 33, appeared on his Fox Sports 1 program SPEAK to discuss Angel Reese and LSU falling to Caitlin Clark and Iowa during the NCAA Women’s Elite 8 games this past Monday (April 1). While Reese was doing her best while being reportedly hobbled by an injury, LSU fell to Iowa behind the scoring explosion from Clark.

In the postgame press conference, Reese, 21, tearfully explained that after her team defeated Iowa last year for the championship, the vitriol she’s experienced since that epic contest has been too much to bear.

“I’ve been through so much,” Reese said. “I’ve seen so much. I’ve been attacked so many times. Death threats. I’ve been sexualized. I’ve been threatened. I’ve been so many things.”

Despite this, Acho found it necessary to deliver what he framed as a “gender neutral and racially indifferent” —which doesn’t make any sense because you’re discussing a women’s basketball tournament contest featuring a Black woman who is a superstar opposite a white woman who is considered the next great hope for the game. That alone negates the low shot Acho took at Reese’s experience by comparing her tears to that of the animated character, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

People with far more access to Emmanuel Acho have checked him on his dressing down of Angel Reese and the accomplishments of her team. Others are dragging Acho’s name through the mud while others are muting his entire name from their feeds. What’s worse is that the MAGA nuts and closet racists loved the take because of course they did.

Check out the reactions below.

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