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Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul

Source: Cliff Hawkins / Getty

The exhibition match between future hall of fame boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTube personality Logan Paul concluded over the weekend and, shockingly, went the distance. Fans on social media have been largely critical of the fight in the days leading up to the event, and for many, the results were lackluster at best.

Mayweather, who at 44 remains undefeated, has long moved away from prizefighting as a means of income as he has several business ventures and holdings, spoils of his stellar career no doubt. Paul, 26, was the bigger fighter but of course, lacks the pedigree of his older opponent.

However, most who paid for the Showtime event were expecting that Mayweather, who barely looked like he was trying hard, would physically dominate Paul despite the size difference. The reality of it all is Paul was outclassed but definitely game, and there was some speculation that Mayweather knocked Paul out accidentally.

According to reports, fans booed the fighters as the fight went all eight rounds without much in the way of a dominant performance from either man. In the post-fight conference, Mayweather seemed to admit that Father Time has robbed him of his legendary speed but did declare he had “fun” taking on Paul.

Mayweather last fought as a professional in 2017 when he took on Irish Mixed Martial Arts star Conor McGregor, making easy work of the long and active brawler. Mayweather fought in another exhibition prior to this past event on Sunday when he fought champion kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa and defeated him by TKO in the first round of their 2018 fight.

On Twitter, we’ve gathered some reactions to Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fight. Please read those tweets below.

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