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Samurai Shodown: OG Kyoshiro & Newcomer Wu-Ruixiang Trailers Arrive

Source: SNK / Athlon Games

Back in late March, it was revealed that SNK’s classic bloody fighter Samurai Shodown was getting rebooted, and launching on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Now it’s time to get up close and personal with the game’s characters and details leading up to its release.


We are just one day away from the launch of Samurai Shodown and SNK/Athlon Games have unleashed the final two trailers. Kyoshiro, an original character who dates back to the initial 1993 release and newcomer Wu-Ruixiang.

Kyoshiro Senryo is a master of the Japanese theatrical art of Kabuki and combines those skills for unusual moves and attacks which also sees him call on a giant toad to assist him in battle.

Last but certainly not least is the debutante Wu-Ruixiang. The defender of the Qing dynasty who is tasked with protecting generations of ancient writings. Unlike all of the other combatants in the game, she is clumsy and is not armed with blade or sword but with a shield which can be used to perform counter-attack specials, reflect projectiles and even call on a giant dragon.

You can check out both trailers as well as the ones you may have missed and get ready to #EmbraceDeath, tomorrow when Samurai Shodown officially launches.


We are five days away from embracing death when Samurai Shodown arrives on consoles next week. In the days leading up to the game’s release, SNK/Athlon Games announced it would be dropping trailers for five remaining characters. Yesterday (June 19) Earthquake’s reveal trailer arrived showing off the surprisingly nimble giant’s brutal moves. Under the tutelage of the same master who also trained Galford, but that’s where the similarities stop because the fighting styles are entirely different.

Today (June 20) fan-favorite Hanzo Hattori’s (my favorite character) gameplay reveal trailer has arrived. Described as the most skilled member Iga ninja clan and being a man of honor and respect should not be underestimated. Despite being armed with a short sword, Hanzo can close the ground between himself and his foe quickly thanks to his teleportation abilities. Also armed with shurikens and bombs makes Hanzo one of the games most deadly fighters.

You can check out both Hanzo and Earthquake’s trailers as well as the other Samurai Shodown fighters in the gallery below.


We are literally just days away from the launch of Samurai Shodown and to make sure the remaining characters get their time to shine SNK/Athlon will showing off reveal trailers for the next five days. Up first is Jubei, followed by Earthquake (June 18), Wu Riuxiang (June 19), Hanzo (June 20) and Kyoshiro closing things out on June 21.

Jubei, a former double swordmaster of the Tokugawa Shogunate is an OG of the franchise and is described as “A man of honor, a man of distinction, a man of good taste.” You can watch his reveal trailer in the gallery below and keep it locked here for the remaining trailers dropping this week.


Earlier in the week, we learned that Rimururu would be joining Samurai Shodown’s roster as one of four DLC characters following the game’s launch.

Today as part of the title’s weekly series of character reveals leading up to Samurai Shodown’s June 25 release, we are re-introduced to Galford and loyal canine companion Poppy.

Galford described by SNK/Athlon Games as an “all-American ninja and self-proclaimed “Superhero of Justice,” is regarded as a favorite among Samurai Shodown players and based on his trailer it’s easy to understand why. Armed with his Justice Blade which Poppy can wield too, the dynamic set out on a quest for peace around the world taking down anyone that dares get in their way.

You can watch Galford’s reveal trailer, as well as all of the character, reveals in the gallery below.


Not wanting out to miss out on E3 2019 excitement, SNK/Athlon announced the first of four DLC characters coming as part of the Samurai Shodown’s season pass and its none other than fan-favorite Rimururu. First introduced back in 1995’s Samurai Shodown III, she is the younger sister of OG Shodown character Nakoruru and is the master of the ice spirit Konru. Don’t be fooled by her cute looks, she is ice cold and will take down anyone who stands in her way.

You can check out Rimururu’s trailer below and remember the season pass is free to those who purchase Samurai Shodown before June 30.


Tam Tam a character whom we haven’t seen since the original Samurai Shodown game makes his return. The South American warrior from a village called “Green Hell” is armed with his giant machete named Henge Hange Zange, unique fighting skills and the ability to scorch his opponents with his fire breathing ability he is looking even more formidable than ever.

Per SNK/Athlon Games::

As a kind-hearted young man with strong family bonds, he enjoys peace and spending time with his little sister. But when danger comes knocking, Tam Tam straps on his divine mask to unleash a unique fighting style that incorporates his massive stature and signature Henge Hange Zange blade. When his community is in danger, Tam Tam is always ready – making him his village’s greatest warrior and hero.

You can check out Tam Tam’s trailer as well as the other previously announced characters below:


If it’s Thursday, that means it’s time for another Samurai Shodown character reveal. Last week met Yashamaru, who is a newcomer to the fighting game franchise. Today (May 30) SNK/ Athlon Games introduced another new character, Yoshitora, and he uses SEVEN SWORDS. In his bio, it is revealed that six of his “phantasmagoric” swords are named after his lovers with the seventh named after himself and only one person has seen the legendary blade.

Per SNK/Athlon Games:

This heir to the Tokugawa shogunate carries seven swords, named after six lovers and himself. Despite his position (and sharp grasp of military strategy), Yoshitora cares little for politics, and would rather spend his time chasing life’s pleasures. Getting a grasp of his six phantasmagoric swords is nearly impossible, and only one person has ever seen him unsheathe his special long sword ‘Yoshitora’ and lived to tell the tale.

You can step into his trailer as well as other already announced characters trailers below.


Last week Samurai Shodown’s weekly character reveals focused on two mainstays in the franchise Haohmaru and Genjuro. This week, we meet a new challenger in the famed fighting game franchise Yashamaru who is described as a “dark and brooding” warrior who is on a quest for revenge.

Per SNK/Athlon Games:

“As a young man from a fallen warrior family, this dark and brooding warrior is on the warpath against the Tokugawa shogunate who falsely convicted and executed his father. Utilizing the supernatural Tengu powers inherited from his family bloodline, and with his weapon Shanaō in hand, Yashamaru defends the weak from those who would do them harm.”

You can see him in action as well as the previous character reveals in the gallery below and keep it locked on Hip-Hop Wired for more info the game as it releases.


This week’s edition of Samurai Shodown character reveals features two characters fans of the franchise are very familiar with. Today (May 15) we meet the game’s main protagonist, the wandering swordsman who has no loyalty to no lord Haohmaru. We also are introduced to his main rival, Genjuro, who is the exact opposite of the disciplined ronin who likes to fancy gambling spots and the red-light districts.

You can peep both trailers for two Samurai Shodown OGs below.


Today (Mar 14) SNK and Athlon Games shared even more information about Samurai Shodown. We learned right off the beat from in the new trailer dubbed “Samurai Shodown 101” the game arrives June 25 and will serve as a prequel to the other classic games in the fighting game franchise.

While getting glimpses of the characters, we haven’t met yet (stay tuned), we also learned that the next generation Samurai Shodown game will have a new exciting feature called ‘Dojo Mode.’ While players hone their skills either playing the story and other offline battle modes, the game will be taking notes on them to create AI shadow of them that will be based on how they play the game. Not only will you be able to play against your AI clone, but you will also be able to upload to Samurai Shodown servers so other players can try and best your shadow.

Plus you will also have the opportunity to take on the best Samurai Showdown players on the planet when they upload their ‘Dojo Mode’ clones as well. The goal of the ghost is to help players see their weaknesses in their gameplay and correct those issues before the competition does.

“Dojo Mode has been a franchise aspiration for the team for some time now and an evolution to the fighting genre that we’re very proud of,” said SNK Lead Producer, Yasuyuki Oda. “Not only will it allow players to play against the ghosts of some of the best Samurai Shodown players in the world, but playing against your own ghost will prove an amazing tool to learn more about your own playstyle.”

It was also revealed that fans who pre-order the game either digitally or physically will have access to the season pass for FREE.

“We’re extremely excited to finally confirm that June 25th will see the much-anticipated return of Samurai Shodown – one of the founding figures of the fighting genre,” said Koichi Toyama, Company President at SNK. “As a thank you to the fans who have stuck with us during the long wait between the franchise installments, we’re pleased to offer the first 6 months of DLC completely free of charge to anyone who buys the game and redeems the game’s season pass within the first week of release, which will include four new fighters.”

Sounds impressive, step into the latest trailer as well other character reveals if you missed them in the gallery below.



As part of Samurai Shodown’s weekly character reveals, Charlotte, who is an OG to the fighting game franchise, is up next. The French swordswoman and loyal knight is back, armed with her rapier La Roche and her elegant but deadly fencing skills combined with her martial arts skills look better than ever. You can see her in action in the trailer below.



This weeks character reveal introduces Shiki, who originally made her debut in Samurai Shodown 64 returns to action in the next generation console reboot. For those who don’t know her story, she is a mysterious woman who wakes up on Mt. Osore with no memory of her origins. Sporting two different color eyes, two swords she found at the base of the mountain and the ability to teleport she is on a mission to recover her memory while issuing graceful fades. Peep her trailer below.


Last week met newcomer Darli Dagger, this week we get to see Samurai Shodown OG Ukyo. The dangerous swordsman who is the master of the lai quick draw sword technique is quite popular with the ladies but only has eyes for his one true love Kei Odagiri. Despite suffering from an incurable disease, he continues to fight for his beloved and issues some vicious fades.

You can watch his reveal trailer showing off his deadly technique below.


We got reacquainted with Samurai Shodown vet Nakoruru, and now it’s time to meet a new challenger. Today the classic fighting game franchise introduced newcomer Darli Dagger. Her backstory goes as follows:

“After washing ashore on a tropical island at a young age, she learned how to defend herself from motley gangs of pirates and shipwrights that populated the area. As a study shipwright herself, Darli crushes opponents with her custom-made saw, an array of self-made tools, and her super-powerful fists.”

You can see her in action in her reveal trailer in the gallery below.

Don’t let her youth, innocence and beautiful looks fool you, Nakoruru is as dangerous as any of the other fighters featured in the game. The Kamui warrior alongside her loyal pet hawk Mamahaha have been around since the original Samurai Shodown game, and now her nature-based moves look even more beautiful but still just as dangerous as ever thanks to the games new gorgeous cutting edge 3D graphics.

Nakoruru’s primary mission is to protect her beloved Mother Nature at all cost, and those who dare dishonor her face death. You can check out her reveal trailer in the gallery below and keep it locked on Hip-Hop Wired as we bring each character to you and any more news related to Samurai Shodown leading up to the games June release.

Photo: SNK/Athlon Games

1. Samurai Shodown – Wu Ruixiang

2. Samurai Shodown – Kyoshiro

3. Samurai Shodown – Hanzo

4. Samurai Shodown – Earthquake

5. Samurai Shodown – Jubei

6. Samurai Shodown – Galford

7. Samurai Shodown – Season 1: Rimururu

8. Samurai Shodown- Tam Tam

9. Samurai Shodown – Yoshitora

10. Samurai Shodown – Yashamaru

11. Haohmaru

12. Genjuro Gameplay Reveal Trailer

13. ‘Samurai Shodown’ 101 Trailer

14. Charlotte Gameplay Reveal Trailer

15. Shiki Gameplay Reveal Trailer

16. Ukyo Gameplay Trailer

17. Darli Dagger Gameplay Trailer

18. Nakoruru Character Reveal Trailer