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Lakeith Stanfield set off a flurry of concern among his fans, friends, and peers after sharing some cryptic Instagram posts that suggested self-harm. After a lot of online chatter and plenty of worried messages, the actor and his publicist confirmed that he’s fine and promised he won’t be harming himself.

On Monday (August 10), Stanfield, 28, shared an image of a bottle of pills with the caption reading, “I like to be by myself because i can hurt myself and no one tells me to stop or fakes like they care.”

In a separate image of the actor pouring what appears to be alcohol into the pill bottle, that caption read, “Reality is boring and moves too slow and no one is trustworthy.”

Fellow actor Patton Oswalt was alarmed at the message and imagery, asking anyone who was close to Stanfield to reach out to him immediately. This, in turn, inspired fans to share messages of hopeful concern that Stanfield wouldn’t take any drastic measures to drown out any potential pain he might be experiencing.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Stanfield’s publicist tweeted out a message that they contacted him and assured fans that he was on the mend.

“Everyone! LaKeith is well. Thank you for the concern. We have spoken to him. The love you all have is appreciated,” the tweet read.

In a followup message, Stanfield returned to Instagram and shared the same sentiment.

“I’m ok everyone! I appreciate everyone checking in on me but I’m good. Im not harming myself. Much love,” the message said.

Given the recent posts by Azealia Banks and other celebrities in the past, fans were naturally concerned for Stanfield. We’ve got some of the reactions to the news from all sides listed out below.

We’re glad that Lakeith Stanfield is doing okay at the moment.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline operates around the clock (24-7) to help those having a crisis. Call 1-800-273-8255 if the need arises. Learn more here.

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