Meet Cuban Doll, The Woman Offset Tried To Set Up A Threesome With

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Offset’s dirty dogging has finally caught up with him, and Cardi B has had enough. Last night the Bronx rapper announced via Instagram her relationship with Offest was over after he got caught trying to set up a threesome with rapper Cuban Doll and her friend “Mmmforeign” in “New or Lean.” She passed on the struggle ménage à trois because she was “busy.” Now it’s time to meet the woman who finally led to Cardi saying I’m done.

Don’t go full Eric Benet.

Jay-Z tried to warn these rappers about ruining a good thing over some tail but apparently Offset just couldn’t resist temptation in the form of the 20-year-old from Dallas, Texas. She has 48K followers on Instagram and as far as music is concerned has a remix of her track “Bankrupt” featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Baby.

It would seem all of her biggest hits are on her Instagram account in the form of duck-faced thirst traps and professional bikini shots. While Offset subsequently blamed everyone but himself for the drama in his life claiming “Y’all won,” it would seem that he definitely lost.

Hit the gallery below to see photos of Cuban Doll, and you let us know if she was worth Offset losing his wife and getting epically slandered over.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty