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Black Ink Crew Chicago

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, everyone arrived in Louisiana to say goodbye to Charmaine’s mom, Glenda. Now it’s time to return to our regularly ratchet programming.

The episode opens up with Kitty and Ryan hanging out after Glenda’s homegoing service. The two “friends” are catching up on things. Kitty breaks down all the mess that is going on back in New York, calling her previous place of employment “raggedy” after they fired her and all turned against her. Ryan doesn’t believe that Ceaser should have an issue with him and Kitty being “friends,” but we already know otherwise based on his reaction to Sky dropping the rumor randomly about Kitty and Ryan and hooking up.

Kitty also tells her buddy that she is considering moving to Chicago to take a job at 2nd City Ink, which kinda takes Ryan by surprise, but he’s not opposed to the idea and believes it will be a good look for her.

Speaking of 2nd City Ink, Prince and Fly Tatted have a conversation about Prince’s baby momma with Prince revealing that he is on good terms with her, and he is happy to have his family back. Prince also mentions that he has a court date coming up stemming from his arrest 2 years ago. For whatever reason, his court dates kept getting postponed, but now its time to finally face a judge, and Prince feels good about his chances. When speaking on the reason why he got pinched in the first place, he reveals after an unlawful stop, the police found a gun in his car, which is a huge no-no for a felon.

Unfortunately for Prince, he learns that the best deal for him will more than likely involve him having to go to jail for two years. This is not good news, mainly because he just fixed things between him and his son’s mother. She initially left him because he got locked up, and now it looks like history will be repeating itself.

Staying in Chicago, Don and Phor meet up with his alleged teenage daughter Iyanah and her mother, Nashauna. Don, who has been skeptical about the whole situation since day one, is not here for the nonsense and presses the child’s mother immediately, explaining that he does not trust her. Things go left when Don pulls out a DNA test, strongly suggesting that Phor and Iyana take it to get to the bottom of things.

Nashauna is not feeling the idea of taking the test in the middle of a restaurant and storms out with her daughter. Phor is disappointed in how his brother is handling the situation, but Don points out the fact she stormed out shows that she is possibly not telling the truth. After a reset and talking with show producers, Nashauna and Iyanah come back into the restaurant, and Don swabs his brother and niece and packs them up to be sent away to the DNA testing center.

Back in New Orleans, its time to party, and there is only one place to do that…Bourbon Street. Before they head out, Jessica has a conversation with Plug and Draya about Kitty possibly working at 2nd City Ink. When Charmaine floated the idea last week, Jessica was not feeling that idea, mainly because Charmaine didn’t discuss the decision with her. Draya asks her boss what Kitty did at her old job, and Jessica has a hard time answering the question causing all of them to erupt in laughter.

With that out of the way, Ryan, Jess, Kitty, Plug, and Draya hit Bourbon Street, and things get interesting quick. Jess gets sloppy drunk and is absolutely obnoxious. She is even throwing herself all over Ryan and also showed her breast to the 9Mag owner.

Of course, Kitty is not feeling what is going and decides she has had enough and leaves with Ryan, with the two of them heading back to her hotel room.

The next morning Jessica, Plug, and Draya realize that Ryan never came home following their exciting night out. Draya then mentions how Kitty was cold to her when they first met and barely wanted to hug her at the funeral. She also pointed out that she barely knows Kitty. Jessica, who clearly feels some type away about Kitty, implies that Kitty thinks she is better than all of them.

Ryan then walks in, and he is in a particularly good mood, looks like someone had themselves a good ass night and we ain’t mad at a playa. Speaking with Don on a Facetime call, he tells him how weird it was to see Danielle, Kat, Kitty, and Ariel all in the same place. He basically kinda confirms he slept with Kitty saying that he has “done well” for himself, and Don laughs after the comment.

Speaking of Kitty, she links up with Charmaine to give her the details about their night on Bourbon Street. She tells Charmaine how Jessica put her breast on Ryan. Kitty also says to 2nd City Ink’s owner that she will be taking the job there. While Charmaine is happy about this, the rest of her crew is not too thrilled at the news.

Kitty breaks the news Draya, Jessica, and Plug that she is coming on board in a managerial position and that she is just trying to feel them out to see if they are the right artists for the shop. Jessica immediately responds that she needs to talk to Charmaine ASAP about this decision, and that’s how the episode ends on a very spicy note. So much for 2nd City Ink being different from 9Mag.

Of course, viewers had thoughts on what they witnessed. You can peep all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1