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Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry Black Ink Crew

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Last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago was a tough one as we witnessed the events leading up to the tragic passing of Charmaine’s mom, Glenda. This week the crew heads to New Orleans to support Charmaine, Neek, and her dad.

The episode opens up with the 2nd City Ink crew discussing Charmaine’s mom passing away. Jess reveals that Ryan rented a house in New Orleans, and they are more than welcome to come and stay there to attend the funeral. Jess admits due to the tension between Ryan’s shop and 2nd City Ink, she was a bit skeptical but thinks the gesture was incredibly thoughtful of him. Everyone is down to go except for Fly Tatted, who can’t leave the state due to being on parole and Prince because he can’t miss his visitation day with his son.

Look at the passing of Glenda bringing everyone together…for now.

Speaking of the two 2nd City Artists, Fly Tatted takes Prince to pick up his on. Prince details his sour relationship with his son’s mother, so co-parenting has not been going smoothly. Apparently, Prince’s unfortunate run-in with the law didn’t sit well with his baby momma, so she left him. Fly offers Prince some sound advice and tells him he should have a conversation with her so they can at least fix their co-parenting situation.

When Prince links up with his baby momma, he takes Fly Tatted’s advice. She tells Prince that she is a new person and gets a bit emotional when bringing up the point they haven’t had spoken in a long time. She admits that taking care of their son while Prince was locked up was hard, and she only broke up with him because she needed space to process things. Prince tells her he wants to be a family again and believes a fresh start will be the best thing for them. His son’s mother feels the same way, and it looks like Prince got his family back.

Phor hangs out with the young teenage girl, Iyanah, we met last week who could possibly be his daughter. Despite not him not taking a paternity test to confirm whether or not he is her father, the two bond while getting a manicure. Iyanah tells Phor she likes his music (that new Black Ink Chi theme is fire), and he is definitely feeling that. Phor asks her if she’s into the arts, she tells him that she is more focused on becoming an attorney.

Phor breaks down to his possible daughter that he knew his dad, but wasn’t close to him because his father made no attempt to be in his life. Iyanah understands and hopes things work out for the better between herself and Phor.

While Phor’s relationship with Iyanah is going well, his brother Don is a bit skeptical and understandably so. Don doesn’t want his brother to get too invested with the girl yet because he has not taken the paternity test. Don gets upset when Phor tells him he doesn’t understand his point of view and storms out.

Meanwhile, in Lousiana, Charmaine’s dad, Mike, is going through it, hell he just lost his wife suddenly, so it’s totally understandable. Charmaine and Neek are worried about him because they are not used to seeing him in the state he is. Mike walks into the kitchen, and the pain from losing Glenda is written on all over his face.

Charmaine and Neek console him.

We catch up with the 2nd City Ink crew, and they finally arrived at the house in New Orleans. They are greeted by Ryan, he reveals that the reason Don and Phor didn’t come because they didn’t feel like they were welcomed. Ryan thanks them for coming and tells them Charmaine is going to need all of their support.

It’s time for Glenda’s going home service, and a lot of people show up to say goodbye, including Miss Kitty, and old Black Ink Crew Chi cast member Kat. After some beautiful words from Charmaine to her mom, everyone hangs out in front of the church.

Ryan introduces Kitty to Jess, who immediately asks Kitty how does she know Charmaine? Kitty tells her she has known her for a long time and that she did Glenda’s makeup. Jess is shocked that Kitty was able to carry out such a task.

Another special moment takes place with Charmaine, Ryan, Danielle reflecting on their long history and the fact Kat even showed up. Charmaine revealed the real reason why Don and Phor were not at the funeral due to them still not being on good terms. Ryan and Kat, on the other hand, seem to have gotten past any issues they had with each other.

Speaking of Ryan, his “relationship” with Miss Kitty becomes the topic of discussion at Charmaine’s mother’s funeral of all places. Charmaine thanks Kitty for the exceptional job she did on her mom’s makeup, and during the conversation, she brings up the rumors of Kitty and Ryan possibly hooking up. Miss Kitty playfully makes it seem like she and Ryan are just friends while hinting there could be something more. Ryan, on the other hand, doesn’t have no qualms by egging us on and suggesting they are indeed smashing.

Things got interesting when Charmaine offers Kitty a job at 2nd City Ink. That suggestion doesn’t sit well with Jess, who feels as co-owner Charmaine should have that conversation with her, and she doesn’t care to be making up job positions. It looks like we got some new drama brewing.

The episode closes with Charmaine closing out the funeral with a second line and the releasing of doves. A touching tribute to her mother.

You can peep the reactions to the episode below.


Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz