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Twitter reacts to Ryan finally getting a real bed and him linking up with Miss Kitty from Black Ink Crew: New York.

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Rachel told Ryan he needed to get his act together, Charmaine checked her mean mother-in-law and 2nd City Ink artists Zach and Fly Tatted almost came to blows.

This week’s episode opens up with Charmaine and Jess talking about the near incident that almost went down between Zach and Fly Tatted. Draya, who was the reason for Zach’s jealousy rearing its ugly head, walks in the middle of the 2nd City Ink owners’ conversation. Draya confirms to her bosses that she and Zach have been on a couple of dates but does not understand why he was so jealous. Jess, who warned her employees about dating each other, is not feeling what she is hearing asks Draya why can’t she date someone who doesn’t work in the shop because she doesn’t want to have to choose between Zach or Draya.

We catch up with Ryan, and it looks like Rachel’s pep talk worked, and he went and got himself a pretty swanky bachelor pad that both of his kids will enjoy. Ryan’s mom, Don, and Phor are there to help him get situated and are very impressed with his new digs.

The subject of Rachel comes up after Ryan’s mom pulls out some old relationship photos she feels Ryan should frame. Ryan confirms that he and Rachel are done, so Don feels its time for both Ryan and Phor to hit the dating scene, and he will be their wingman.

Draya and Zach finally have a conversation following his jealous fit at the pajama party. Draya tells Zach that his behavior was not good at all and that she is not here for it. Things get testy after Zach tells her he doesn’t want no other men at the shop touching her. Draya is definitely not feeling that saying that his comments remind her of a problematic ex-boyfriend she once had a long time ago.

Despite them having a heated discussion, Draya still ends up in the bed with Zach, where he promises not to get jealous again and make things between them complicated by putting her job at risk.

We head to Don’s crib, where we learn that despite everything going well with the married couple, there are still some trust issues Ashely hasn’t gotten over in regards to her husband. That becomes evident when Don tells Ashley he will be accompanying Phor and Ryan to the club to be their “wingman.” Ashley acknowledges that Don has been behaving, but his past transgressions still make it hard to trust him completely.

Ryan, Phor, and Don hit the club, and they are pretty much just having a chill night while having some drinks. It’s clear Ryan is not focused on any of the women in the spot and reveals during his confessional that he invited a “friend” to hang out.

Their night is interrupted when Ashley and her homegirls show up, and Don is not happy to see his wife, who is only there to spy on him.

Don expresses during the confessional that he wished Ashely would trust him and let the past go, but he vows to continue to prove he has changed. He shows that by buying Ashley and friends some bottles instead of being angry about them popping up in the club.

While all of that is going, Ryan’s friend shows up, and it’s none other than Miss Kitty. It’s clear that they were trolling Ceaser when they used cut up footage from the previous season of the New York iteration of the reality show franchise highlighting all of the times they accused Kitty of sleeping with Ryan.

While Phor, Don, Ashley and her friends look on Ryan and Kitty flirt with each other before deciding to leave and hit up another club.

Ryan insists they are just friends, but the way the whole scene was cut up makes it seem like there is definitely something going on.

Also, Kitty on Twitter claims that the scene on last night’s show took place after the situation at the prom that happened on Black Ink Crew: New York.

Meanwhile, back at 2nd City Ink, the gang is having a group discussion about how long they have been tattooing. Everyone has about 10 years in the game except for Zach, who has only been doing for it for three years. When the question was asked, who is the best artist in the shop? Zach didn’t let his lack of experience compared to his coworkers stop him from being arrogant and talking down to his boss Jess as well as Fly Tatted. Things go left pretty quickly with security having to get in between Zach and Fly Tatted.

Looks like the beef between the two tattoo artists is here to stay, and Charmaine’s dream of having a shop that’s nothing like 9Mag has quickly gone out the window. You can peep all of the reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz