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Last week Sierra and Karlie’s friendship came to an end. This week, we get our weekly dose of drama from Momma Dee, Bambi’s mom Cee Cee, Akbar V, LightskinKiesha, Shooter, and more.

This week’s episode opens up with Mimi holding a self-defense class for herself and her homies. Mimi decided she needed to learn how to protect herself following the ordeal when she was shot at while someone was trying to steal her car from her garage. Since she and Sierra are no longer besties, Karlie decided to invite Kyomi Leslie, aka the girl who got her fame from getting into a fight with her boyfriend at the time Bow Wow while in an elevator.

In her confessional, Kyomi explains she doesn’t talk to him anymore, and that following the incident with Shad, she lost the baby trying to deal with the stress. So now she finds herself on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta trying to make a name for herself musically because she is sick and tired of being called “elevator girl.” Kyomi also reveals that she has moved on in her love life and is dating someone, we will get to that mess eventually.

We link up with Shooter as he heads to the barbershop to link up with Scrapp De Leon. Since coming home from jail, Scrapp is doing quite well for himself. He has his own seafood restaurant and is looking to open a barbershop he revealed during his conversation with Shooter. The pow wow between the two men is interrupted when Scrapp’s sister, Cheyenne, walks in. She comes bearing news about a potential location for his barbershop that could cost $5,000 a month. Scrapp tells her that is too much money, and Cheyenne says she will keep on looking.

But that’s not the really interesting part, in typical Love & Hip Hop fashion we find out that Shooter and Cheyenne have been secretly dating for two whole years behind Scrapp’s back. Cheyenne wants to go public with their “relationship,” but Shooter tells her he “has his reasons” not to during his confessional. When she brings up Sierra, he claims she will not be an issue. Also, this makes the Scrapp and Shooter dynamic potentially spicy because Scrapp used to deal with Sierra, and that caused some tension between the two men in the past.

Things are just messy for no reason.

Moving along, we head to a listening party for Akbar V and whatever music she is supposed to be dropping. The self-proclaimed “queen of Atlanta” is focused on her music career and wants to get her money right before she has all of her kids (and she has a lot of them) move in with her. Bambi, Tokyo, and Alexis show up to the event we guess to show some kind of support. Anyway, Tokyo asks Akbar about her “beef” with LightSkinKeisha, and she claims she feels that Kiesha is trying to take her imaginary crown off her head. Bambi also uses the opportunity to disclose her “issues” with LightSkinKeisha also.

Joc just happens to walk by and hear the conversation and decides to invite Akbar V to his radio show so she can squash her “beef” with LightSkinKeisha.

Speaking of Keisha, she is at a spin class with Coca, and she tells him that she has agreed to meet up with Joc at the radio station, but she has no clue Akbar is going to be joining her. Tokyo eventually shows up at the fake workout session. Keisha opens up to her about her issues with Bambi and understands that Bambi is loyal by defending her friend, but at the same time, she was never friends with Bambi’s homegirl, to begin with.

Tokyo decides to add more spice to the conversation by telling Keisha all of the things Akbar said about her. Keisha thinks Akbar is hating on her because she likes to hate on women who are more successful than her.

It’s time to party and celebrate Scrapp not being in the clink for a year. All of his friends and family are there, including Kirk and his brother, who has been in jail for 23 years.

Momma Dee and KK use the occasion to catch up and talk about what’s going on. Momma Dee immediately tells KK she still can’t stand Bambi’s mother, Cee Cee.

The scene shifts to Joc and Karlie at the bar, and the two catch up. Karlie isn’t too happy to see Joc and believes he still wants her. She does reveal to her ex that she is in the process of getting a divorce from Moe. Karlie gets upset when she notices Joc looking at other women, but he doesn’t see an issue because he’s only looking. Joc does reveal during his confessional that he and his fiancee are having problems. After they visited with the doctor to get his balls snipped, things have been shaky between them.

The more critical moment during the party is KK noticing Cheyenne is getting a bit too close with Shooter at Scrapp’s party, and she doesn’t like what she sees at all and points out neither will Scrapp.

We catch back up with Shooter, and we quickly find out why he isn’t ready to commit to Cheyenne. Shooter has a thing for Kyomi, aka elevator girl. After they wrap filming her steamy music video where he is wearing a turban in a shower scene, Kyomi asks is Sierra knows about them, and he says no, of course. During his bootleg home confessional, he claims he is in an open relationship with both women, but Kyomi is his “favorite.”


He then lies to her face ane reassures her that what they have going on is serious because the streets will be talking when the video and photos of him and Kyomi drop.

Meanwhile, poor Cheyenne gets grilled by KK at Scrapp’s charity event about her “relationship” with Shooter. KK tells Cheyenne she saw both of them flirting with each other. Cheyenne tells Karen she doesn’t want Scrapp to find out about her and Shooter yet and discloses they have been messing around for 2 years, and she likes him a lot.

Poor Cheyenne, we don’t feel sorry for her, she should know better. Also, we won’t be shocked if Karen tells her son about what is going on anyway.

We link up with Scrappy and Bambi, and they are having some sort of family dinner. Bambi’s mom is there, and Momma Dee dressed in all black like she is going to a funeral arrives a few minutes later, flanked by her husband. You should already know things were going to go left between Momma Dee and Cee Cee. The two women start hurling insults at each other, calling each other names, and Bambi is over it. Things really get outta hand when Momma Dee pulls out an obituary for Cee Cee, which gets everyone upset who feels Momma Dee went too far. Scrappy grabs his child and Bambi, and they leave disgusted.

Last but not least, the episode ends with the drama between Akbar V and LightskinKeisha. Keisha shows up to the station, assuming she is just doing an interview to talk about her music. Keisha gets pissed instantly when Akbar calls in via FaceTime and immediately begins to insult her. Keisha decides to leave, and while she is making her exit, Akbar calls her scared and accuses her of having a ghostwriter.

Keisha is furious at Joc and Jazzy and feels she was ambushed. Keisha says they are not respecting her brand and claims she is done filming with Love & Hip Hop.


Twitter had plenty to say when it came to Akbar V, Shooter, and Momma Dee, you peep all of the hilarious reactions in the gallery below.

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