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Madden NFL 23 Is Getting Trashed On Twitter By Everyone

Source: EA / Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23 is here, and it’s only been a week since the game’s release, and it is getting dragged by not just fans of the annual sports video game franchise but NFL pros, too.

Developers behind the game came into this season riding the momentum off Madden NFL 22, which was an improvement from Madden NFL 21. Reviews for Madden NFL 23 on OpenCritic have the game sitting at its usual fair rating despite new next-gen features like “FieldSense” technology that’s supposed to help improve the game’s feel and improvements to modes.

But, there is another damming indicator of just how bad this game and it’s the reactions from players on social media, NFL pros in particular, who are trashing Madden NFL 23. First game out on Madden 23 hung 50 on a kid… don’t get it twisted tho game is still hot garbage smh” NY Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton a day after the game’s early access launch.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. didn’t have anything nice to say about this year’s Madden either. “this might be the worst madden ever,” he tweeted.

Former East Carolina University safety Warren Saba punted the game into the garbage bin, tweeting, “@EAMaddenNFL 0/10 Gameplay is awful!!!!”

Popular Madden streamers have also been hitting the game with the truck stick. “Madden 23 menus are absurdly laggy,” Madden YouTuber Matthew “MMG” Meagher shared in a tweet. “5-second input delay on everything. This isn’t an 8000fps Skyrim mod EA… let’s get it together,” he continued.

Madden NFL 23 Has Plenty of Bugs

There is also the insane amount of bugs players are experiencing while playing. TikTok account NotJackKenyon shared an eye-opening glitch where his own AI-controlled player appeared to stick out his foot, tripping him up and preventing a touchdown.


We have not reviewed the game yet, but this is not a good look. You can peep more reactions to Madden NFL 23 in the gallery below.

Photo: EA / Madden NFL 23

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