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Gamers Ponder Why Cortana Is Not Blue In First Trailer For 'Halo' TV Series

Source: Paramount / Halo

Master Chief is making the leap from your Xbox Series X console to the small screen in a new Halo TV series, and it looks damn good, except for this one particular item.

It only took multiple attempts and an abandoned movie plan, but Halo has finally gotten the Hollywood treatment in the form of a television series. The first trailer for the highly anticipated show arrived during the NFL’s AFC Championship game, giving us our first best look at the legendary Spartan soldier John-117 aka Master Chief, and his fellow Spartans in live-action.

The show will go back in time in the Halo mythos focusing on Master Chief’s (Pablo Schreiber) life and the  Human/Covenant conflict. Fans of the video game franchise will also see a tweaked timeline in the show, taking a slight detour from the game’s continuity that has been established over its 20-year existence. Immediately noticed in the trailer is Master Chief now running with a group of Spartan soldiers called the Silver Team—which consists of Riz-028 (Natasha Culzac), Vannak-134 (Bentley Kalu), and Kai-125 (Kate Kennedy) hence why this continuity is called the Silver Timeline. Gone but not forgotten are the original Blue Team members Linda, Fred, and Kelly, whom the Chief kicked alien butt within the expanded Halo media.

We also see Spartan Soren-066 (Bokeem Woodbine) in the trailer, who ditched the UNSC to join the Insurrection made up of humans the super-soldiers were initially created to fight against. The Covenant also has a human ally in a mystery woman, and instead of stumbling upon the Halo ring, Master Chief and his team are searching for it.

The show, which premieres on the streaming platform March 24, looks good, but fans have one complaint about the integral character, Cortana. While people are pleased she is voiced by Jen Taylor like in the video games, her look is not being well received.

Understandably taking a character that was primarily made for a video game and bringing that to live-action can be hard. Just ask the people behind the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. They were the rare instance of when online bullying can be beneficial after forcing the studio to delay the film to give the speedy hedgehog the design he deserved leading to a successful movie.

We’re not sure that will be the case, Halo being that this show has seen so many delays already, and the premiere date is not so far away. So likely they will have to get used to Cortana’s new look.

You can peep the trailer and reactions to the new Cortana and the show’s first trailer below.

Photo: Paramount / Halo

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