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Gamers Camp Out At Best Buy Stores For PS5 & Xbox Series X, Twitter Reacts

Source: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Getty

If you happened to drive past a Best Buy location and noticed a line formed outside of the store, just know it’s not Black Friday.

Those individuals you see lined up are hoping they are one of the few lucky gamers who can get their hands on either a PS5 or Xbox Series X. It’s been almost a year since the next-gen consoles launched, and yes, they are still hard to get due to scalping and a strain on the supply chain due to the still looming COVID-19 pandemic.

Since their launch, retail chains like Best Buy have relegated PS5, and Xbox Series X drops to their websites to deter people from gathering at store locations due to the pandemic. They still lined up virtually but more than likely failed to get one. Now, for the first time, gamers will have an opportunity to walk inside one of Best Buy’s stores and purchase one of the consoles.

Best Buy announced that stores across the country would be receiving limited supplies of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. “Blue Shirts at participating stores will begin handing out tickets at 7:30 am local time that morning,” the retailer wrote in a notice. “They will ask you which console you wish to buy and hand out one ticket per purchasing customer in line. If you receive a ticket, you will be guaranteed the opportunity to purchase the console for which you have received a ticket.”

As expected, gamers flocked to the stores ahead of the 7:30 am drop to camp out in front of the stores, just like the good ole days giving many people who seen them Black Friday vibes in late September.

Even parents are going out of their way in hopes of securing one of the consoles for their kids.

It’s still bonkers that it’s so hard to get these consoles, but it also proves just how popular video games are, especially during this time when things can be shut back down at the snap of a finger, relegating us to our homes. We sincerely hope many people who bravely and patiently waited to snag a PS5 or Xbox Series X accomplished their mission and kept their heads on a swivel cause the jux is real in these streets.

But based on a good number of tweets we are seeing, they got the jig instead of Sony or Microsoft’s next-gen console.

You can peep more reactions to people camping out at Best Buy stores across the country in the gallery below.

Photo: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Getty


Some normalcy. 




Pop some champagne. This is a huge accomplishment. 




Black Friday came early. 


LOL, but we hope this will not be the case. 



Let them cook.