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Last week on Black Ink Crew, we had to endure Bae’s screaming while she tried to “get answers” from her estranged dad. This week we finally get to the action we have been waiting for Team Black Ink vs. Team 9MAG.

The episode opens back up with that very stressful moment between Bae and her father. More than likely, he had enough with her screaming, which she claims was just her trying to get some answers out of him, so he leaves and runs away. The production crew chases after him and catches him and puts him a cab. Bae leaves disappointed because she believes her dad just came to see her angry again.

Back at the shop, Ceaser wants his team to be on their Ps and Qs at the Philadelphia tattoo convention because Ryan and 9MAG are going to be in the building, and he wants to put them to shame. Donna adds even more fuel to the fire by pointing out Sky and her then-boyfriend were hanging out with Ryan, and the 9MAG tattoo shop owner shared the video on Instagram. Ceaser believes that Ryan sharing the video was just him being petty. 

Yeah right.

At Donna and Alex’s crib, she hatches a plan that she thinks will scare his baby fever out of him. While Alex is sleeping, Donna runs to the bathroom to throw on a fake belly and grabs a doll and lathers it up with KY Jelly. She fakes a scenario of herself going into labor and throws the baby doll at him. The idea, of course, didn’t work because Alex is used to it dealing with his first son. He still wants to shoot up Donna’s club, but she isn’t on board with that idea yet.

The following day Donna links up with her secret girlfriend, Tati. They are riding together on their way to the tattoo convention in Philadelphia. During the drive, Donna fixes her lips to bring up Kitty and claims that the former Black Ink brand ambassador was on social media blasting her.

The topic then shifts to Alex and him wanting a child. Tati is fed up because instead of her messing around Donna, she has to talk about babies. She also presses Donna to finally tell Alex about the both of them, and Donna says she will do it.

This whole situation is just a mess.

Their conversation is interrupted when Bae FaceTime’s them. She breaks down the entire situation that went down with her father.

We check back in with Walt, and he is currently at fiancée’s house. The two have another conversation following their therapy session. Jess still has some reservations and feels the couple didn’t properly discuss Walt cheating. Because of her feelings, she tells Walt that she is not ready to get married, and she wants to wait. Walt, of course, is very disappointed with the news.

When we finally get to the convention, we see things are already contentious between the two shops. Once friends, now rivals, Ceaser’s booth will not be located next to Ryan’s like the way it used to be. Things get even more interesting when Ceaser sees that Kitty is there. Kitty is there working on behalf of 2nd City Ink, but Ryan did ask her to come. Also, Ryan and Kitty could care less about Ceaser and his crew. Kitty is also ready for any drama that may come her way.

Back in NYC, Bae links up with her dad again. This time she insists on no cameras for this meeting. The meeting goes a lot better than the first one with Bae’s dad saying he was full of rage when he was abusive. Bae’s dad also reveals as a man, he was upset because he couldn’t provide for his family like he wanted to. Bae basically says that is no excuse, and he could have still made them feel loved. The meeting ends with Bae not getting the closure she was looking for sadly.


Back at the convention, Donna and Tati decide to finally confront Kitty. Kitty says she wasn’t feeling Donna threatening to beat her up. Donna continues to talk smack. The conversation is broken up by Ryan, who is not here for Donna and Tati making a scene in front of his booth, so he tells them to take the drama outside.

That’s not the only drama that takes place, though. YBN Almighty Jay shows up. Ceaser decides to tell the young rapper about his “beef” with Ryan pretty much, showing how he pressed he is about the situation. During the conversation, Donna makes some suggestions about what tattoo he should get. Jay flirts with Donna, and suggests maybe he should get her name on him, Donna shrugs it off as harmless, but Alex didn’t like what he saw at all.

After Jay gets his tattoo, Alex confronts the young rapper and they exchange words but things never physical between the two men with Jay claiming he was just showing out for the cameras.

Finally, Bae and Kitty link up at a coffee shop to have a much-needed conversation. When it comes to Tati and Donna, Kitty wants nothing to do with either of them but was still willing to talk to Bae. Kitty points out Donna’s behavior on social media and how she is continuously harassing her on there. Bae is bothered and claims that Kitty talks about everyone behind their backs, Kitty disagrees and says she has no problem telling people about themselves to their face.

No lies detected.

Bae isn’t feeling Kitty’s energy and decides to leave, but before she exits the building, she calls Kitty a “punk a** b*tch.” Kitty responds, and Bae swings at her with her jacket, and security immediately gets in between the former friends. As they are separated, they trade more insults with each other, and the episode ends.

Fans had plenty of thoughts, mainly clowning Ceaser and his crew for worrying about Ryan and Kitty. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz