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Scrapp Confronts Shooter About Messing With His Sister On #LHHATL

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Last week on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the episode ended with KK snitching on Cheyenne and revealing to her son, Scrapp, that his sister was messing with Shooter.  That’s where this week’s episode immediately picks up.

All of this began over a dispute over a phone bill. Go figure. KK puts Cheyenne in the hot seat when she asks her if she told Scrapp about Shooter?  Cheyenne is not feeling that at all. KK takes things even further and reveals the Cheyenne and Shooter have been “dating” for two years, and Scrapp is not too happy to hear that.

KK throws more fuel on the fire by revealing that word on the street is that Shooter is messing with another woman. Cheyenne inquires who the woman is, and KK tells her she doesn’t know. Scrapp is not happy to learn that his sister was sneaking behind his back and wishes she would have told him so he could have protected her.

We hop back on the bus with the ladies as they embark on their Rasheeda-less ski trip. The bus stops at a store, so Bambi and Mimi can pick up six pregnancy tests. All of the ladies agreed to join Bambi in taking the tests after they all assumed that Bambi has a gut full of Scrappy. Sierra reveals that she has been celibate for a while but slipped up recently and “sat on it.”

They finally arrive at the rental house, and Shekinah is there to greet them. She drove by herself to avoid all of the drama, but we quickly learn that is not going to matter. Everyone is happy to see Shekinah except for Spice, who is mad at her former friend because she feels Shekinah flaked on her when she was supposed to show her houses in Atlanta for herself and kids to move in.

Shekinah defends herself by pointing out the reason she hasn’t shown her any potential cribs in Atlanta to Spice because the reggae artist is never in the A.

Once they stop beefing with each other, it’s time to take the pregnancy tests. No one puts their names on the tests, but they did mark them, so they know who each one belongs to too.

When Sierra picks up her supposed test, she quickly learns that she has a gut full of BK and breaks down in tears.

Having seen enough tears from Sierra, Bambi reveals that the test belonged to her and not Sierra.

Damn, that was a cruel joke, but damn if you’re that distraught about having a kid, then you probably shouldn’t be “sitting on it.” Just saying. Anyway, after her tears ruin her makeup, Sierra details that she is not really confident about her relationship with BK. Obviously.

That opens the door for Shekinah to go off on a rant about not dating because of the previous abusive relationships she was in.

Spice then chimes in getting in on the ‘men ain’t sh*t” action and adds her input. Sierra follows her up by saying that they should use the girl’s trip to focus on their friendships with each other instead of worrying about the tired men in their lives. We shall see how that works out.

Back in Atlanta, Joc, Shooter, Scrappy and Stevie are shopping for suits. Joc talks about how tough Kendra has been on him when it comes to planning their wedding.

They even touch on Shooter’s daughter, Paris’ altercation at school, as well as Kirk’s son getting locked up. Scrapp eventually walks in, and he is only there to talk to Shooter about Cheyenne.

Scrapp, of course, is not feeling how Shooter was moving with his sister behind his back and feels Shooter should have told him. Mainly because they are getting ready to start a business together, and now that is jeopardy because Scrapp is unsure if he even wants to work with Shooter at all.

Back in Tennessee, after going on her rant about men, Shekinah reveals to Bambi and Sierra that she doesn’t understand why Spice and Karlie keep coming for her after they ask her what’s going on between them?

We head back to Atlanta and catch up with Shooter fresh off from getting pressed by Scrapp. Right now, he is booed up with his “favorite” Kiyomi, who is preparing a spaghetti dinner for him and his son, who doesn’t care for her cooking.

Kiyomi tells Shooter that she wants to be the “HBIC” in Shooter’s life. He admits to messing around with Cheyenne but claims there is nothing serious going on any more between them once he started giving Kiyomi his attention.

Kiyomi claims she doesn’t care and says it won’t be an issue unless Cheyenne disrespects her. That is going to be immediately tested.

At a game night party hosted by Joc at his new restaurant, we catch up with him and his old “friend” who just can’t seem to stop flirting with him. Joc swears he only has eyes for Kendra and is not trying to mess things up. We have heard that before. Cheyenne and Scrapp show as well as Safaree and Erica Mena (rolls eyes).

The couple fresh off from annoying us on Love & Hip Hop: New York, are enjoying life in Atlanta as well as being their newborn child. It looks like they are going to be mainstays for the rest of the season, oh joy.

Things do get spicy when Shooter and Kiyomi walk in the spot wearing matching outfits. Cheyenne, who was just boasting about being in a relationship with Shooter, is caught off guard while Scrapp is secretly laughing on the inside.

Cheyenne confronts the lovely couple and has to be separated by security, Kyomi throws her shoe at her, and the episode ends on that mess.

Viewers had thoughts on all of the shenanigans that went on during the episode. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

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