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Shannon Sharpe x Brittney Renner

Source: @shannonsharpe84 / Instagram

Shannon Sharpe is hilarious. Uncle Shannon reacted by taking multiple shots of brown liquor when Brittany Renner told him how many people she slept with.

Renner, who is famed for being on Instagram (no shade, we don’t want the smoke), was the guest on the latest episode of Club Shay Shay. That itself is a debate for another time.

“Expansive? I’ve had sex with 35 guys, OK?” said Renner during a discussion of love, and body counts, that somehow included Derek Jeter being celebrated for his dating history. Sharpe responded by taking a shot, first out of a glass then straight out the bottle.

Renner added that she should be “judged for having great taste.”

Hey, we ain’t going to shame anybody. Realistically speaking, Shannon Sharpe has been a star athlete practically all his life, so his own body count might be hefty, allegedly. Also, Renner being so specific with that number has many speculating that it might be quite higher—again, allegedly.

Don’t blame the messenger, you can peep the reactions, and mathematical equations, to Renner’s body count admission in the gallery.

And yeah, if you must check out the nearly 2-hour interview…

1. Plies from deep.