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Tatti Is Still BIG MAD About Teddy Dumping Her On 'Black Ink Crew'

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Last week on Black Ink Crew Sky suggested her boss Ceaser needed to come with her to Los Angeles to decompress. This week the head of HR decides the whole entire crew needs to take a trip to the west coast.

The episode opens up with Tatti still in her feelings about being dumped by Teddy. Everyone thinks she is acting ridiculous and mainly Miss Kitty because she snitched on her to Bae causing severe tension between the two friends.

The tension is broken up when the boss man Ceaser walks in fresh from Miami, but he is still down in his feelings for being a d*ck and being the reason behind Alex’s possible career-ending injury. We’re still waiting for Ted to take some responsibility for his involvement as well. Before he goes in back to prep to do a tattoo *gasp* he tells his employees about his upcoming trip to LA to work on his Zen which he needed Walt to break down to exactly what that means.

Walt is moving on up like George Jefferson. We finally get to see the new digs that Momma Bae helped him secure thanks to her secret poker playing skills. His two kids stop by to see their new home, we’re happy to see Walt is in a much better place and no longer stuck in the projects.

We zap to Alex who knows he messed up pretty bad after he blamed Donna for his back being all jacked up. As expected she is in her feelings, but Alex is looking to make things right with his boo. He rolls up in the weakest limo ever and tells Donna to get in, she is reluctant of course but being that it’s cold decides to get in. Alex apologizes to Donna and admits he was wrong to blame her, Donna accepts the apology and informs the Vagina Slayer he’s gonna have to slay her box to make up for his screw up.

Sky is also back in NYC excited about how well her grand opening party went for her clothing boutique. She is not only just blessing the crew with her presence, but she has some good news for them as well, she reveals she wants to bring all of them out to Los Angeles too, but there is a catch, of course, they have to help her with her fashion show. Now, this won’t be your typical runway show, it will be a twerking competition/fashion show. If you’re confused, don’t worry we are too, but she feels this will help put her business on the map.

Sounds absolutely ridiculous but this is Black Ink Crew, so we expect mess like this. Anyway, the news totally takes Ceaser by surprise because who thought he was the only one going to LA only to find out all of his employees are going with him. So yeah there won’t be no relaxation going on for him at all.

Before they hit the road, Miss Kitty links up Young Bae to repair the damage that was done by Tatti. The meeting starts off a bit rocky but after cooler heads prevail and some tears, the two besties come to an understanding.

With that handled its time to take the foolishness to the west coast. Like with every trip on this show you can take the Black Ink Crew out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of them. Tensions between Tati and Teddy is still high, Ceaser is still pissed he has to share the trip with his staff.

Walt, Krystal and Miss Kitty, on the other hand, are taking advantage of the moment. They hop in a rental car Walt secured (with what money?) and take a trip to the beach. Once they reach their destination, they have a conversation about Tatti’s bitter self. Miss Kitty suggests that Krystal needs to confront the “Wendy’s looking hoe” about her always insinuating that she slept with Teddy despite that being proven false.

When they all finally reach the nice digs Sky secured for them it’s time to unwind and party. So that means weed, alcohol and as little clothing as possible. Krystal wastes no time in throwing on her bathing suit to let the cheeks breath and we and Tokie who finally arrives are not mad at that site at all.

Sky and her glam squad show up also, and she lays down the law. She reiterates this trip is to relax and twerk not get high and drunk and tosses out the booze and confiscates the grass. Sky lets them know they are there to work and she will be hitting them up bright and early, so they better be ready.

That doesn’t stop them from deciding to head out and enjoy the LA nightlife. Walt spots a local food truck and wants to partake and its here where things get out of hand. Everyone decides this is the perfect time to give Tatti a piece of their mind especially Krystal.

Tokie who is tired of Tatti’s mess tells her to get some “new d*ck” because Ted clearly doesn’t want her. Tatti is not feeling that at all and gets in the receptionist’s face for not minding her business. The two have to be separated numerous times, and that is how the episode ends. Things are only going to get even crazier when Puma and Donna show up next week, and we cannot wait.

Of course, viewers had thoughts, especially about Tatti’s ridiculousness, hit the gallery below to see all of the reactions.


Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty