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I should work this into my daily routine

Now that Thanksgiving is back around, families and friends are gathering for some good eats, drinks, and sports. For those of us who like to partake of cannabis, we’d love it if you would check out our very first cannabis-themed gift guide for Turkey Day.

I wasn’t able to get this guide up earlier in the week in order to help the readers prepare but we’re looking at the long game here as Thanksgiving leads into the weekend. Also, depending on what style of cannabis you consume and the method, the leftovers will come in quite handy.

What I enjoyed the most about compiling this guide was the variety of ways to experience the vast wide world of cannabis. Speaking for myself, I use cannabis chiefly for its therapeutic benefits and not for leisure but there’s nothing wrong with adults looking for a natural way to unwind from the stresses of their day.

From topical applications, infused drinks, and powders that can be added to all kinds of foods, flower, vaporizers, concentrates, and beyond, there is something for every kind of cannabis enthusiast below.

I’m fairly new to covering this growing industry and I’m excited to see how the innovative minds behind these companies expand their wares. I want to thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to share your products with our audience. We’re very, ahem, “dank-ful.”

Check out Hip-Hop Wired’s Thanksgiving Weekend cannabis gift guide below.

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1. A Golden State

A Golden State Source:A Golden State

A Golden State was founded under the shadow of the Cascade Mountains and specializes in flower of exceptional quality. The plants grown by A Golden State use snowmelt water from Mount Shasta, just to let you all know how official their stuff is.

Learn more here.

2. Alchemy Naturals x Sleep

Alchemy Naturals x Sleep Source:Alchemy Naturals

I’ve featured Alchemy Naturals in past guides and while I haven’t tried out their THC gummies, I can vouch for the CBD version. 

Learn more here.

3. Betty’s Eddies Sweater Weather Fruit Chews

Betty's Eddies Sweater Weather Fruit Chews Source:Betty's Eddies

Not going to mince words here. I’ve been chomping on Betty’s Eddies for a while now since they’re available in Maryland. The brand creates some of the tastiest edibles in the game with various selections for the desired effect.

Learn more here.

4. Big Island Grown

Big Island Grown Source:Big Island Grown

Big Island Grown is a brand that prides itself on being homegrown and perfected under the sunny skies amid the pristine soil of Hawaii. A heads up: the company only serves medical patients and visitors from outside the islands are able to purchase products under a special program. The company offers flowers, edibles, and more.

Learn more here.

5. Blazy Susan X Grateful Dead

Blazy Susan X Grateful Dead Source:Blazy Susan X Grateful Dead

Blazy Susan is one of my favorite brands when it comes to papers and other accessories, and they’re rolling out a new collaboration with The Grateful Dead. So to all the Deadheads out there, this is your time to shine.

Learn more here.

6. Bubby’s Baked

Bubby's Baked Source:Bubby's Baked

Bubby’s Baked is a welcome addition to the edibles space, which usually is just gummies or hard candies. With a manageable dose in a sweet treat, these are some of the best edibles around. Only available in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico for now.

Learn more here.

7. Budwell

Budwell Source:Budwell

The one-hitter might not be in style amongst modern cannabis users but they still have a large audience. Budwell is one of the leaders in the space and their Buddy pipe is part of a newly launched collection known as 199X.

Learn more here.

8. Cali Sober

Cali Sober Source:Cali Sober

Cali Sober bills itself as the “totally legal THC mocktail” and it achieves this distinction by using hemp-derived THC while keeping under the legal weight. It’s not meant to get you super buzzed but instead, it’s an alternative to hard seltzers and infused drinks. The company is aiming to launch nationwide and we’re excited to see what’s next.

Learn more here.

9. Clarity CBD Caps

Clarity CBD Caps Source:Cookies

Cookies aren’t just about high-end flower, they also dabble in the CBD space too. The company’s Caps line offers functional CBD capsules along with mushrooms that help promote the desired effect of getting things done in the day to laying it down for the night.

Learn more here.

10. Cookies X That Badu

Cookies X That Badu Source:That Badu

Cookies, the brand founded by rapper and entrepreneur Berner, partnered with the talented Erykah Badu for her That Badu line. That Badu’s Black Magic tea is a daytime blend boosted with mushrooms and contains caffeine. We’re interested.

Learn more here.

11. Countdown

Countdown Source:Countdown

Infused beverages are a category seeing exceptional growth and Countdown is emerging as a brand to watch. Available in eight states, Countdown offers an alternative method of consumption for folks looking to get their medicine. 

Learn more here.

12. Dizzies

Dizzies Source:Dizzies

Dizzies is a brand that’s new to us and their approach to cannabis is to boost its products with a touch of flavor. That includes infused flower, soda pop-styled gummies, and infused flavor-filled pre-rolls. The products are not yet widely available. Fingers crossed to hoping they get some nationwide love.

Learn more here.

13. dompen x Evol x Future

dompen x Evol x Future Source:other

We’re new to dompen but they’ve collaborated with the likes of Mike Tyson and other known entities over the years. The brand’s latest collaboration is with Future and the Evol all-in-one vape pens, which come in three strains. Salute to Young Pluto.

Learn more here.

14. High Heads x CAMP Double Stuffed Infused Pre-Rolls

High Heads x CAMP Double Stuffed Infused Pre-Rolls Source:High Heads/CAMP/The Source

High Heads and CAMP, two brands that have established their foothold in the industry, joined forces for a new double-stuffed infused pre-rolls which is available in Nevada via The Source. The pre-roll features .7 grams of CAMP‘s flower, .2 grams of CAMP Solventless Hash, and sprinkled with .1 grams of  THCa Diamonds. That sounds like a haymaker. Hopefully, as the laws relax across the nation, this product can cast a wider net.

Learn more here.

15. High On Plants

High On Plants Source:High On Plants

Founded by Alice Moon and Caroline Murphy, High On Plants ups the ante when it comes to cannabis-themed jewelry. With a selection of colorways and two sizes, there exists a set for everyone.

Learn more here.

16. Highsman x Ricky Williams x Helix x Vessel

Ricky Williams X Highsman Helix x Vessel Source:Vessel

Vessel specializes in accessories for cannabis consumption that not only look like the premium products that they are, but also deliver the promised results. The brand partnered with retired NFL great Ricky Williams and his Highsman brand for the new Helix dry flower/herb pen.

Learn more here.

17. Huxleys

Huxleys Source:Huxleys

Huxleys is in the business of what we like to refer to as “cannabis that does things.” With four chief products consisting of gel caps for intimacy, energy, and lifting moods, and gummies for sleep, the brand doesn’t miss any marks. It’s only available in California for now.

Learn more here.

18. Ladylike 1:1 Mints

Ladylike 1:1 Mints Source:Ladylike

Ladylike is made by women and for women, so amen to that. The brand is only available in Arizona and Utah and if they ever expand their operations, they’ll stand out in a field that sometimes ignores our canna-sisters.

Learn more here.

19. Mountaintop Extracts Oasis

Mountaintop Extracts Oasis Source:Mountaintop Extracts

Mountaintop Extracts is a standout company out of Nex Mexico that offers flower, vaporizer cartridges, and edibles. A product that really displays a ton of versatility is the company’s Oasis, a powdered form of THC that can be applied in different ways. 

Learn more here.

20. MXXN

MXXN Source:other

MXXN (said as moon) is a hemp-based alternative to spirits meant to mimic their boozy counterparts. With flavors Kentucky Oak, meant to replace bourbon, Jalisco Agave, to be used in place of tequila, and London Dry, to be mixed in lieu of gin, you’ll be uniquely buzzed and headed for lift-off in no time.

Learn more here.

21. Nature’s Heritage

Nature's Heritage Source:Nature's Heritage

Nature’s Heritage gets props for bringing back a classic strain to the masses in Lamb’s Bread (1990s Hip-Hop fans definitely have heard of the strain before on many a song). Available in Maryland and Massachusetts, the company also features infused mini pre-rolls that we’re very interested in.

Learn more here.

22. OCB Brown Rice Cone Bundles

OCB Brown Rice Cone Bundles Source:OCB

With roots in France dating back to 1918, OCB is a premium rolling paper brand. The company has a new product, brown rice cones, made with rice fibers harvested from France’s Camargue River delta and water from the French Alps. The brand is now offering a bundle package with the cones and a rolling tray.

Learn more here.

23. OOKA x Seven9


OOKA is easily one of the best devices I’ve ever seen up close and personal. Sure, I’ve had hookah before as it’s unavoidable in the Washington, D.C. area,  but nothing that’s this slick-looking and functional. Further, OOKA takes the guesswork out of fumbling with coals and the like with its unique pod system. Even better, Seven9 offers a selection of cannabis-infused pods for the session. Sign us up for more nicotine and THC-free options though!

Learn more here.

24. O.Pen Sesh

O.Pen Sesh Source:O.Pen

One of the things I love in covering cannabis products and devices is being privy to all of the new ways companies are improving the user experience. O.Pen, a leader in the vaporizer space, has a new device, Sesh. With the ability to load concentrates or use a 510 thread cartridge, O.Pen’s Sesh is both striking visually and super convenient. If you’re a vapor cloud fan, this is the device you want.

Learn more here.

25. Puffco x Cupsy

Puffco x Cupsy Source:Puffco

Puffco makes a gang of cool stuff. Cupsy adds to that legacy. Have a little morning coffee with your morning coffee on the low ski, if you catch our drift. 

Learn more here.

26. Puffco New Plus

Puffco Plus Source:Puffco

Puffco got its start in 2013 with its Plus device, a convenient portable dab pen. The device got an update last month and the New Plus adds the ability to twist on a 510 cart. That’s fire.

Learn more here.

27. Puffco New Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro Source:Puffco

Again, more Puffco, more heat. The New Peak Pro is the grand champion of its dabbing devices. Couple this bad boy with the 3D XL chamber, and an improvement on the joystick cap, and you’re ready to rock.

Learn more here.



PHASES is all about creating cannabis experiences for, quote, “every mood” and a quick look at their lineup certainly lives up to that potential promise. With flower and vaporizer options, there’s a strain out there with your name on it. 

Learn more here.

29. Shorties

Shorties Source:Shorties

Shorties, sold exclusively in Arizona, is exactly what it sounds like. The pack of smaller pre-rolls is perfect for tokers who just want to get a quick session in before going about their day.

Learn more here.

30. Storz & Bickel VENTY

VENTY Source:Storz & Bickel

In full disclosure, I prefer consuming flower via dry herb vaporizers and I’ve had the honor of experiencing the classic Volcano device from the famed Storz & Bickel brand years ago. The company’s latest device, the Venty, promises to be its fastest device yet and debuts an adjustable airflow.

Learn more here.

31. Susan’s Own

Susan's Own Source:Susan's Own

Susan’s Own is Blazy Susan’s calmer sis. CBD is what the company specializes in, with balms, bath bombs, tinctures, and gummies that open up avenues of possibilities. 

Learn more here.

32. Vibations

Vibations Source:This image was given to us by the agency repping the brand in support of the story and does not need to be deleted.

Vibations is an infused electrolyte drink mix with energy-boosting capabilities. I can vouch for the brand as I ran through a pack during a rough week of work and it got me through it. Salute.

Learn more here.