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Xbox Take To Social Media To Complain About Forced Crossplay With PC Gamers

Source: Bungie / Halo Infinite Multiplayer

The honeymoon phase for crossplay between Xbox and PC gamers seems to be over.

Per The Verge, Xbox gamers are making it very clear they are tired of being forced into crossplay with PC players. Before it became an issue, crossplay was a big request from Xbox and PC gamers, with Microsoft being firmly behind the feature. Now, as cheating becomes more rampant in free-to-play online shooters, Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Warzone, Xbox gamers are now demanding that Microsoft introduce some sort of opt-out feature.

Both titles listed above force Xbox players to face off against PC gamers in featured playlists in the games. Forced crossplay is a scam by Microsoft,” one post on Microsoft’s Halo Waypoint forums said. “Forced crossplay is a mistake,” a Redditor wrote, while others just want an option to disable crossplay all together. “Now that cheating in Halo is confirmed on PC, can we have to option to opt-out of cross-play?” another person asked on Reddit back in November after Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer who is on the record saying, “I’ll never force somebody in our games whose playing with a controller or a mouse and keyboard to play against somebody with a different control scheme,” in a 2016 interview with Gamespot. Spencer has been catching some serious flack on social media for those comments.

Warzone players have been complaining about crossplay for more than a year, showcasing how annoying it is playing PC gamers in YouTube videos and expressing their grievances in multiple forums. A significant portion of the complaints is the influx of PC cheaters, who Activision has been banning at a substantial clip since launching its anti-cheat software, Ricochet.

PlayStation owners don’t suffer from this issue because the console gives its players the option to turn off the crossplay features. They have been rubbing it in the faces of poor Xbox gamers on Twitter.

Now, it’s not like Xbox can’t disable the feature. Battlefield 2042 initially launched in November with forced crossplay for Xbox gamers while PlayStation owners had the ability to disable it. DICE would eventually bless Xbox features with the ability to opt-out of crossplay. Sea of Thieves, a game that both PC and Xbox gamers enjoy, later added the option to disable crossplay.

We won’t be shocked if Xbox decides to follow PlayStation’s route when it comes to crossplay because there is enough noise being made about it on Twitter. Sometimes a little social media bullying does work.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bungie / Halo Infinite Multiplayer

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