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Halo Infinite's buzz has come and gone, but 343 Industries hopes this latest news sparks some new excitement and brings players back.

Get used to it. When you think of the legendary Spartan soldier, John 117, aka Master Chief, you're going to see Pablo Schreiber's face.

The honeymoon phase for crossplay between Xbox and PC gamers seems to be over.

Razer and Halo Infinite are teaming up for some cool gaming accessories.

This Halo: Infinite limited-edition bundle is definitely going to be hard to get.

Microsoft looked to build some excitement for the Xbox Series X yesterday with its Xbox Games Showcase. Instead, they left a bad taste in Halo fan’s mouths.

Yesterday (Jul.22), Microsoft got gamers hyped for its Xbox Games Reveal event by showing off the box art for Halo Infinite. Thursday (Jul.23), we finally got to see what Master Chief's next adventure looks like in action plus other games.

Your favorite Spartan, Master Chief, is back, and the box art for his new adventure is giving subtle hints as to what expect from the next Halo game.