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Microsoft Confirms Cheaper Xbox Series S, Sony Trends In Response

Source: Microsoft / Xbox Series S

Well, this is an exciting turn of events, late Sunday evening (Sept.7), a leaked revealed Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console, the Xbox Series S, and it had video game Twitter talking.

Rumors have been swirling in regards to the price of both Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Sony has been very meticulous when it comes to details about its next-generation console, sharing information about it while not giving too much away. Microsoft has been a bit more forthcoming with its new Xbox, trying to build the hype for it, which isn’t really that high due to the PS5 launching with strong first-party games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, while the Xbox Series X’s ace, Halo Infinite got its wig pushed back till 2021.

Microsoft needed a boost, and it got one in the form of a “leak,” revealing the long-rumored cheaper next-gen console, the Xbox Series S originally called Lockhart (Microsoft confirmed that with a tweet). Video game Twitter exploded with the arrival of the news, with Microsoft just sitting back and watching the madness before they finally confirmed the leak themselves while promising to share more information soon.

Regardless, information that the company hasn’t confirmed yet is still dropping. The console, which looks like a smart speaker or Microsoft’s adaptive controller at first glance, is all mostly white with a huge black cooling vent placed on the top. In the photo, the console stands upright but can be placed horizontally, and the disc-drive is absent, hinting that this console could only come in an all-digital model.

Even though it’s dubbed the “smallest Xbox ever,” the $299 console is packing some power. It will be able to play next-gen games like it’s big brother, the Xbox Series X. But that’s where the similarities end because the Series S will use less GPU power and have a lower resolution output. Windows Central is reporting that both consoles will arrive on November 10 and has the Xbox Series X costing $499 at launch. The Series S will reportedly have a $25-per-month Xbox all-access financing option while the Series X’s will cost $35.

Again those are all rumors, but more than likely will be confirmed by Microsoft very soon. Of course, gamers are now looking at Sony and is waiting for the company to drop details on the highly-anticipated next-gen console. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has left the ball in Sony’s court, and the company didn’t panic either, and we don’t expect them to do so this time either. Sony will be holding an event on Sept.9, allegedly supposedly revealing the release date and pricing details for both versions of the PS5.

Will this news help Microsoft win gamers over? That remains to be seen. You can peep the reactions to the Xbox Series S, as well as the memes in the gallery below.

Photo: Microsoft / Xbox Series S

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